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10 Hilarious iPhone Apps to Prank Your Friends


If you want to play a practical joke, you don’t have to head out to buy props or plan an elaborate scheme in a fixed location. You don’t have to wait until April’s Fools to prank your friends, either. All you need to do is download a prank app on your iPhone.

Let’s check out some hilarious iPhone apps you can use to prank your friends.

1. PrankDial

PrankDial provides different types of prerecorded prank calls, like a tough guy demanding why you called his girlfriend or a food delivery driver requesting payment for a non-existent order.

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For some calls, you can customize them slightly to make them sound even more convincing for your prank victim.

Download: PrankDial (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Lie Detector Truth Test

Lie Detector Truth Test scans your fingerprints to determine whether you’re lying or telling the truth. As it scans, there’s even a subtle pulsing on the screen, as though the app is genuinely scanning your heart rate.

The trick to pranking your friends is manipulating the “Truth” or “Lie” result with the large Start button. Tapping on the middle of the button gives you random results. Tapping on the left side gives “Truth” while the right side gives “False.”


Knowing this you can trick your friends into thinking it really works.

Download: Lie Detector Truth Test (Free, premium version available)

3. Crack & Break It!

Crack & Break It! is described as a stress reliever app. However, there’s one handy feature that you can use to prank your friends. Use the image breaker to create a fake cracked screen.

Take a screenshot of your Lock or Home Screen and “break” the image. You can also use an all-black image to create the look of a damaged iPhone. Later, if your friend happens to use your phone, or you have access to theirs they’ll think the screen is actually cracked.

Download: Crack & Break It! (Free, premium version available)

4. Famous Voice Changer

Use Famous Voice Changer to record your voice as a famous cartoon character, entertainer, or other public figure. The voices are quite accurate, but you do need to try and imitate the speaking mannerisms of the individual. Otherwise, the result sounds like they’ve lost their accent and are speaking stiffly.

Then, send the fake recording to your friend and watch their reactions! For this app, the voice recording doesn’t necessarily have to be a prank, it could be a fun gift as well, depending on what you’d like to say.

Download: Famous Voice Changer (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. The Prank App

The Prank App has a library of mini pranks. One despicable prank that almost always works is the unexpected scary image. In one version of this, the image is hidden in the form of an egg in a beautiful forest.

In another, a mini-game instructs the player to let a ball fall carefully from one pipe to another. Challenge your friend to beat your “high score”—because the third pipe has something sinister waiting. Careful not to frighten yourself while you’re testing these pranks!

The Prank App also has a list of party games such as Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever. Besides the pranks, these additional features are sure to add fun to friendly gatherings.

Download: The Prank App (Free, premium version available)

6. Air Horn Multi

Air Horn Multi provides a selection of everyday sounds. There are loud, alerting sounds like air horns and fire alarms. But there are also innocent ones that you can use to your advantage. Want a persistent door knocking? Activate it discreetly while you’re both enjoying horror movies after midnight.

There are annoying sounds as well. When your friend finally falls asleep, place your phone next to their ear and press your finger onto the mosquito icon. Stop when they stir, then do it again when they think the insect has flown away.

Download: Air Horn Multi (Free)

7. Fake All

Fake All lets you create fake calls, messages, and chat notifications. Schedule incoming calls and notifications from contacts you’ve created. You can set the caller’s name, content, and time of the expected communication.

To make the prank seem even more real, Fake All also lets you set custom backgrounds to match your current one.

Fake All is a useful app to help you escape awkward situations as well.

Download: Fake All (Free)

8. Fake Posts Creator

Fake Posts Creator lets you create fake Facebook posts, complete with the social media platform’s familiar design. Customize post content such as images, likes, comments, reactions, and dates.

Create a fake viral post where a celebrity commented on it, announce that you’ve won a giveaway, pretend it’s the college’s official page intending to expel your friend—anything outrageous goes!

You don’t need to log in to your Facebook account or link the app to it to create these fake posts, so don’t worry that you’ll accidentally post them on your actual social media.

Download: Fake Posts Creator (Free, in-app purchases available)

9. Fake Profile Generator

Use Fake Profile Generator to create a fake dating profile. Pretend you’ve matched with your crush or, better yet, create a profile for your friend and celebrate their match with the person you always teased them with.

You’ll need believable photos for the profile pictures, but with everyone posting selfies on social media, it’s certainly an easy prank to carry out in a small friendship group.

Download: Fake Profile Generator (Free, premium version available)

10. Fart Cushion

Fart cushions have been around for a long time, but now you can get a smartphone version.

Pressing on different parts of the fart cushion triggers a different sound. You can set a timer for the noise to go off at a specific time, or set the sensitivity to the maximum so every slight pressure triggers the sound while your phone is hidden behind or under a cushion.

Gross? Certainly. But it remains a timeless prank.

Download: Fart Cushion (Free)

Have Fun With These Prank Apps on Your iPhone

Use these prank apps to mess with your friends. Just a reminder to keep safety in mind. For example, it wouldn’t be advisable to start playing the fire alarm loudly in public. Also, make sure you know your friend’s boundaries and don’t go overboard with the joke. At the end of the day, pranks should be fun for both parties.

For other tech-related pranks, you don’t even need apps to carry them out. You just need to be familiar with common iPhone features and settings because there are offline ways to prank your friends.

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