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10 Simple Online Tools to Create QR Codes


QR codes have become increasingly popular over the last few years. From product packaging and business cards to advertisements and payment counters, you can see them everywhere.

If you too need to generate them for whatever reason, several online tools can help. Here, we look at ten websites that let you generate QR codes.

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As one of the earliest QR code platforms, QR Code Generator lets you make the most of QR codes.

The tool allows you to create various types of QR codes. This includes codes for email, SMS, social media links, PDFs, images, and even cryptocurrency payment. As it lets you customize the code, you can change the shape, frame, and color of the QR code.

The QR codes are available for you to download in multiple formats, including vector ones. Moreover, you can create landing pages for your QR code using this tool.

The Pro version also provides tracking and analytics features. The simple dashboard with folders helps you organize all your active or paused QR codes from a single place.

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The subscription costs from around $6 to $42 per month with a 14-day free trial. It does have a free plan with one dynamic and five static QR codes.

QRCode Monkey screenshot

QRCode Monkey is a simple and free QR code generator. It can create QR codes for URLs, emails, text, phone, social media, Wi-Fi, and crypto payments.


To get started, choose the QR code type you want to generate and populate the content fields. Then pick the colors, upload your logo, and select the shape of your code.

Click on the Create QR code button, and the tool will generate one within seconds. You can then download it in different formats.

The QR code templates can help you design beautiful codes with little hassle. Since QR Code Monkey neither needs subscription nor sign-up, it’s best if you need to quickly create a static QR code. website screenshot is another old website that has been generating QR codes for years. It supports over 25 data types, with the most notable ones being PayPal, Zoom meeting, Dropbox, and attendance.

The simple tool lets you create a QR code in three steps: choosing data type, entering information, and picking style. It shows a preview on the right side and a download button below it. Unless you want to upgrade to premium membership, there’s no need to sign up.

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The premium version supports dynamic QR codes, bulk generation, analytics, and vector formats. Moreover, you can create password-protected codes. A monthly subscription costs $12 per month.

Though the free version works well, the 50 scans limit should have been more generous. website screenshot

A simple tool, lets you create nine basic types of static QR codes. doesn’t offer many options for customizing your codes. You can only adjust the colors, border, and error correction code. However, there are multiple formats for downloading and embedding.

Though the tool itself doesn’t let you add a logo, you can request them to create one for you. Obviously, you’ll need to pay for this, but it can be a worthwhile investment.

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The site is free to use and doesn’t need any sign-up. It also allows commercial and print usage of your codes.

unitag website screenshot

Unitag strives to connect the offline and online worlds by using QR codes, NFC tags, and iBeacon.

For creating QR codes, it has an intuitive tool. However, it supports limited types of QR codes. You can customize your codes, changing colors, eyes, logo, etc. Better still, you can choose from the beautiful templates.

Even with the free plan, you can create unlimited, customized QR codes. The paid options cost around $112-900 per year and provide features like dynamic QR codes, bulk generation, analytics, and high-resolution downloads.

QRTiger is a feature-rich tool for creating customized QR codes, both static and dynamic.

For customization, it offers options for modifying color, frame, eyes, and pattern. You can add a logo and a custom call-to-action to personalize your code and increase the number of scans. Moreover, it supports integration with apps like Zapier and HubSpot.

The free plan allows only the creation of three and 100 scans of dynamic QR codes. The other plans cost between $7 per month and $37 per month, offering more features and higher limits. Some of these include password protection, expiry, and email notifications for scans.

Shopify QR Code generator screenshot

The e-commerce giant, Shopify, has several free tools on its websites for marketers and business owners. One of these is a free QR code generator.

However, it only allows you to create code for URLs, phone numbers, SMS, and text. There’s no option for customization, either.

Though Shopify’s QR code generator might not be a full-fledged tool, it’s free, simple, and ideal for anyone already familiar with Shopify. website screenshot

qrd°by is a professional QR code platform that gives you much control over your QR codes.

Using this, you can create redeemable coupon, social media, and payment QR codes. The standout features include Google Analytics integration, geolocation tracking, retargeting, landing pages, CTAs, and custom domains.

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The free account supports a single QR code. The paid version costs from $5 per month to $35 per month. However, you can create static codes for free without sign-up.

logo design QR code generator website screenshot, too, has a simple QR code generator on its website, which supports six data types.

Creating a QR code here is simple and doesn’t require registration. Choose a data type, enter details, pick colors and design, and select the resolution. It creates a code quickly that you can download and use wherever you want.

This tool is free but can generate only static QR codes with little customization.

wix qr code generator screenshot

Wix is one of the most popular website builders and has a free QR code generator as well. The tool supports ten data types and some customization features.

Using this, you can create geolocation, SMS, phone, vCard, Wi-Fi, image, and other QR codes. It lets you download the generated codes as SVG, PNG, or JPG. It supports only static QR codes with no scan limit or expiry.

Generate QR Codes Hassle-Free

Whether you need a simple tool or a complete QR code platform, these sites got you covered. Most of them have a free plan, so you can try them out yourself.

Though you might need to generate QR codes for payments or inventory tags, there are various fun things you can do with QR codes.

Creative Ways To Use QR Codes At Home
8 Fun Things to Do With QR Codes

With a bit of thought, QR codes can be used in fun and useful ways. Here’s our selection of the best fun things to try.

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