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3 Things You Can Do With Opera’s New Crypto Browser


As controversial as it may be to some, crypto is here to stay, and Opera is joining the crypto revolution.

Opera is launching its Web3 initiative, which includes a new Crypto Browser that does more than house a crypto wallet.

Keep reading to learn more about Opera’s Crypto Browser Project and what you can do on it.

Why Is Opera Launching a Crypto Browser?

Opera believes that Web3 needs a dedicated browser due to the growing interest in the decentralized web.

As stated in an Opera blog post:

Browsers will continue to play a crucial role in the decentralized internet and today’s beta release reflects that. Too few of the web browsing experiences offered today have been built with the intention of putting Web3 centerstage and making blockchain technologies understandable and easy to use. With the Crypto Browser Project, we have set out to change this, and starting today, we are inviting the blockchain community to join this mission.

Opera wants to play an active role in shaping the next generation of web and how it is accessed, and it believes that its browser offering support for Web3, backed by a strong product team, is the answer to that.

It also wants to provide you with a simplified Web3 user experience that will make it easier for you to learn about and use crypto, like accessing your crypto without an extension and giving you the option of using third-party wallets.

The Crypto Browser is currently available as a beta for Windows, Mac, and Android devices. Opera has confirmed that an iOS version of the app is in the works, but we don’t have a specific date just yet.

What Can You Do With Opera’s New Crypto Browser?

screenshot of opera crypto corner desktop view
Image Credit: Opera

So what are some of the things you can do with Opera’s new Crypto Browser? Let’s take a look:

Stay Informed Through the Crypto Corner

Opera wants its Crypto Browser to provide more than a basic web wallet add-on. It wants its browser to give you more value by providing more functionality through a wide range of information, solutions, and resources.


That’s why the browser includes a hub, the Crypto Corner, which gives you access to resources such as the latest blockchain news, upcoming airdrops, an industry events calendar, NFTs, and crypto communities.

You can also find educational content, including podcasts, videos, crypto prices, gas fees, and market sentiment.

Get Access to the Native Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet

For additional security, the browser also includes a new native non-custodial crypto wallet, which doesn’t require you to install any extensions to access your crypto or sign in to decentralized apps (dApps) but lets you sign in directly from the browser instead.

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And yes, if you still want to use your favorite third-party wallet like Metamask, Opera’s got you covered in that aspect too. The Crypto Browser includes a wallet selector tool to make this process convenient.

Grow Your Web3 Skills

Opera’s Crypto Browser aims to help you grow your Web3 skills by providing you with all the crypto information you need at a glance, such as current crypto prices, gas fees, and more.

As mentioned earlier, you can find all the details in the Crypto Corner, which is “an intelligent startpage” that you can conveniently and quickly find on the main screen when launching the browser.

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It keeps you informed with news from reliable blockchain sites, as well as a range of podcasts, blogs, and other resources to help keep you up to speed on all things Web3.

These also include upcoming airdrops and crypto events. It also gives you access to key crypto communities, as well as an NFT gallery.

Get Started With the Crypto Browser

As long as you’re not an iOS user, you can check out Opera’s new Crypto Browser right now. Remember that it’s still in the beta phase, meaning things won’t be running smoothly.

Once you install it, you’ll be able to create your Opera wallet. But if you already have one, you can link your existing wallet to the browser within seconds.

Opera is making big moves in the Web3 space early on with its Crypto Browser. But will the competition take notes and release similar crypto-oriented web browsers? Only time will tell.

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