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3 Ways to Track Starlink Satellites


Wondering where Starlink’s thousands of satellites are? Here’s how you can track them around the world.


Elon Musk’s new internet provider, Starlink, has been a hot topic of conversation for some years now. Given Musk’s past successes in the tech industry, people are excited about this new satellite internet service provider and the high speeds it claims to offer. With thousands of satellites now in orbit and with the evident hype surrounding their potential, it’s no surprise that you can now track their location in real-time.

So, what are the best Starlink satellite tracking sites?

satellite map starlink tracking screenshot

Satellite Map offers a quick and easy way to track any Starlink satellite and the ground stations based on Earth. It works similarly to Google Earth, wherein you can rotate the globe in order to view different continents and countries.

You can also click on any satellite in orbit and check out its name, launch date, and altitude (including its altitude history on the bottom right of the page). Additionally, clicking on one of the red ground stations will provide you with its general location, antenna count, and antenna diameter.

find starlink live map screenshot

Find Starlink allows you to check out where the main satellites are in orbit but, unlike Satellite Map, doesn’t show you the location of all the orbiting satellites. You’ll be able to see the main satellites’ trajectories, so you know where they’re headed next.

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You can also use your location to find out whether a satellite will be passing by in the next few days, which is great if you have a telescope to take a look.

starlink coverage tracker live map screenshot

Starlink Coverage Tracker is a super useful resource for both tracking and finding information on all the satellites currently in orbit. The site provides a live satellite map and provides the name, coverage quality, and covered locations for each satellite. By clicking on a satellite, you can also check out its trajectory if you’re trying to catch one as it passes by your location.

Each satellite is surrounded by a blue circle, which is indicative of its coverage radius. You can even check out where the standby satellites are located, and take a look at the coverage predictions provided by the site.

The sites above make it quick and easy for anyone to track Starlink’s satellites in real-time. Whether you’re trying to find your nearest satellite, check coverage, or you’re just curious, you can watch these satellites race around the globe and check their stats in a matter of seconds using these live maps.

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