Modern technology gives us many things.

4 Things I Learned About The Software Engineering Culture


1. Everyone Starts Confused

It is commonly said that most software engineers don’t know what exactly their profession would be in the tech world. It becomes more complicated today as more branches of software engineering emerge. The fast emergence of AI has opened many branches of software engineering roles such as Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, and Deep Learning Engineer. Each role is different and needs exceptional skills in their own right.

This coincides with previously available roles like Database Administrators, System Administrators, Networking Engineer. Heck, even Software Engineers have sub-roles like Frontend Engineer and Backend Engineers now because of how complicated software is nowadays. I don’t think I have even touched on the security roles yet.

I honestly entered the tech world thinking I would end up as a Frontend Engineer. Today I am mainly focusing on backend services, system administration, and machine learning. If you’ve ever touched any one of these skills you would understand how different these 4 roles are.

I ended up learning everything I can. Though I am currently focusing more on machine learning than any other field. I find making computers do menial and repetitive jobs amusing.

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