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5 Dad Sites for Fathers to Find Parenting Advice and Practical Tips


From expert guides to asking other dads for advice, these sites have excellent advice for fathers to raise great children they will be proud of.

Some dads make it look easy to be a father. But everybody has their moments of struggle through the many years of raising a child. Plus, fathers go through different phases and roles, like balancing work-life, navigating being stay-at-home, or situations like single or separated dads. Or you might not be a dad yet, but are preparing to be one. No matter where you are in life, these websites have practical parenting advice and fatherly tips for dads.

1. Fatherly (Web): Practical Advice for Fathers on Raising Great Kids

Fatherly offers actionable and practical advice to fathers on how to raise great kids, as well as figure out their own lives to make a good home for the child

Fatherly is an independent website dedicated to helping men become good fathers and raise great children. It offers everything you expect from a modern media publication, such as in-depth articles, original videos, interesting podcasts, and regular newsletters.

The main Parenting section offers the largest amount of material to consume. You can also filter this based on your current state of fatherhood: trying & expecting, baby, toddler, preschool, big kid, tween & teen. It has a powerful search feature too, to quickly find advice on a range of topics like how to impose disciplinary behavior or how to do visitation and share custody as a divorced dad.


Two other sections are not about parenting as much as about taking care of yourself as a father. In Love & Money, you’ll find the right ways to handle your relationship with a partner in raising the child, as well as learn how to get your finances in order so that it’s never a strain on your kid. Remember, it’s never too late to teach money management skills to kids.

Finally, the Gear section reviews and recommends a bunch of products across various categories that any father might love to have. And if you’re looking for some downtime, the Play section has enough entertainment to keep you going (and maybe pick up a few Dad Jokes along the way).

2. Daddilife (Web): Advice for Dads and Activity Ideas for Father-Child Fun

Daddilife has advice for all types of fathers on how to raise a great child, and activity ideas to do with their kids

Daddilife is a blog full of resources for fathers of all types to find advice to raise better children, activities to do with their kids, and learn how to balance work and family. The site is only a series of articles about fatherhood, but it’s neatly divided into topics for easy browsing.

You can filter articles by your child’s age or your family status, such as trying, expecting, new dad, stay at home dad, single dad, step dad, and separation. Sections on money, education, sports, and gear will help you get your life in order to ensure you’re crushing it with fatherhood. For working dads, there’s an entire section on Dads At Work that offers guides for work-life balance, case studies, and includes two articles on how to go about with dad-to-dad mentoring at work.

Daddilife also has an excellent “Things To Do” section that suggests activities to do as a father and child, with children of different ages. The DaddiLifeForce column collects activity ideas from other dads in the DaddiLife community. It’s no longer an active column, but search through the site’s archives and you’ll find plenty of cool things to do with your kid. And do check out the Book Squad, which recommends the best books for children of different ages. It’s a great addition to Dad movies to watch on Netflix with your kids.

3. Dadditude (Android, iOS): Calming Expert Guides to Grow as a Dad

Being a father can be overwhelming and exhausting at times. Dadditude wants to be a safe space for dads to take a break from the noise and refocus on what matters. The whole app is ad-free to stop distractions, and tries to take the approach of mindful meditation apps to help you grow as a father.

The main tool of the app is the series of growth guides. These are step-by-step tutorials written by therapists, academic researchers, parenting organizations and awesome dads, on themes like emotional growth, self-care, discipline, sleep, relationships, stress, and more. Each tutorial is like a guided meditation. You can quickly filter the topics by the age of your child as well. The first guide is free when you sign in, and it’s a nominal fee for a membership to read the full library.

Dadditude also offers an Ask The Dads community where you can pose any question to other fathers. One of the other features of this community is a Dadditude Question of the Week, which lets you see what other fathers are going through or thinking. Finally, the app curates the latest news related to fatherhood, and has a weekly newsletter where they interview different dads to get their insights on parenting.

Download: Dadditude for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Dad.Info Forum (Web) and Life of Dad (Facebook): Best Online Communities for Fathers

The Life of Dad Facebook community offers several groups for dads with different backgrounds and interests, like single dads, stay-at-home fathers, geek dads, and more

As a father, you’ll spend most of your time battling questions in your head. It can be about the silliest mundane thing or larger serious worries, but your mind is always filled with doubts. It’s nice to reach out to other dads who have gone through this and get their two cents on your situation.

Dad.Info Forum is one of the most active online discussion boards for fathers to talk with each other. You’ll find sub-sections for behavior management, self-esteem, education, safety, legal matters, and so on. Like any good forum, do read the rules and expected etiquette before you jump in. But generally, it’s a supportive environment.

The Life of Dad Facebook community is a safe space to discuss several things about fatherhood. You’ll find sub-groups like single dads, geek dads, health and fitness, stay at home dads, DIY, etc. to connect with other fathers with similar backgrounds and interests. These are private Facebook groups, giving you a little more privacy in who can see what you say.

5. Beleaf in Fatherhood (YouTube, Newsletter): Best New YouTube Channel for Dads

Father of four Glen Henry is one of the most popular YouTube creators, and talks exclusively about fatherhood in his channel. As a stay-at-home dad, Henry discusses parenting situations that dads of all types can connect with, and shares practical advice on how to tackle issues.

Typically, Henry’s videos are about 10 minutes long, and touch upon a variety of topics, such as dealing with bullies, how to handle your baby’s hair, and teaching your children life skills. Amid all this, you’ll find short cute videos of his kids and their antics. While it’s adorable and entertaining, there’s something to learn in each video from seeing how Henry talks to them and advises them.

Along with the YouTube channel, you might want to subscribe to the Beleaf In Fatherhood community to get a monthly parenting PDF in your inbox, which will give you extra confidence to handle your kids.

Form a Daily Routine for Self-Care and Connection

While browsing through so many of these websites, podcasts, and YouTube channels that give dads advice, a common tip kept coming up over and over. Almost all fathers advise you to start a daily routine that centers and refreshes you, while it also serves as a way to connect with your children.

The routine doesn’t necessarily need to involve your children. It can be as simple as going for a run before making your kid’s breakfast. Or you could do an activity with them, like getting them ready for bed every night. Find a routine that you can stick to, which centers you for self-care, and serves as a point of connection with your kid.

5 Different Dad Sites for a New Perspective on Fatherhood

If you’re a dad, you can use a little support. And no one knows what you need like other dads do. Gain the perspective you need with the help of these sites and blogs.

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