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5 Electric Vehicle Companies That Are Breaking New Ground



In the past decade, Tesla has gotten a lot of media attention due to its self-driving technology, insanely fast speeds, and interesting marketing tactics. But lately, there’s been talk of some intriguing electric vehicles making their way to production that can beat Tesla in almost every aspect.

Which EVs are they, and why are they getting so much hype? Let’s find out below.

This Decade Will Feature Amazing Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have drastically improved over the past decade in key areas such as aesthetics, 0-60 times, interior quality, range, and the number of charging stations available. The EVs coming soon will bring impressive specifications to consumers looking to purchase their next car, and our excitement is at an all-time high.

But why are these EVs so great, and when can you get your hands on them?

1. Ford

white, blue, and red ford f-150 lightning banner
Image Credit: Ford

Ford’s F-150 Lightning is the company’s first attempt at getting current pickup truck drivers to switch to an all-electric beast. Production on the F-150 Lightning begins in Spring 2022 and will have impressive specifications that even non-truck drivers will be impressed by.

The base model of the F-150 Lightning starts at $40,000 with 230 miles of range, while the variants with the optional 300-mile Extended Range Battery cost at least $50,000. Keep in mind that Ford tested these range figures with 1,000 lbs of cargo in the trunk. The F-150 Lightning may last over 400 miles with no load in the trunk.


The Lightning will also have several trims available with various specs, interior design, and more.

The Platinum trim will have a beautiful 15-inch vertical touch screen, leather seats, a panoramic sunroof, and plenty of various utility options that pickup truck drivers will love. This includes a tray table for your laptop with four 120-volt outlets and one 240-volt outlet in the cargo area. These features are great for people who work on the move and need to power several tools.

Another crazy aspect of the F-150 Lightning is that it has Bidirectional Power. In the case of a power outage, this feature lets you use the truck to power your home for several days as if it was an electric generator.

Don’t forget that since it’s an EV, this truck is quick. At over 400 horsepower, the Lightning hits 60mph in 4.5 seconds.

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2. Rivian

Rivian R1T Yellow and Gray offroad with mountains
Image Credit: Rivian

Rivian has gotten a lot of hype lately, and it’s for a good reason. The R1T is Rivian’s first electric pickup truck with specs even crazier than the F-150 Lightning. The R1T will have over 300 miles of range, can tow 11,000 pounds, and hit 60mph in 3 seconds, which is as fast as plenty of supercars.

The Rivian has a futuristic design with many vibrant exterior colors available, oval headlights, and a bar taillight that looks gorgeous at night. The interior is immaculate with leather seats, two horizontal LCD screens, a panoramic glass roof, a total of 68 cubic feet of storage space, and plenty of USB ports to charge your devices.

Rivian’s R1T is also fully capable of off-road driving with air suspension and specific modes to maximize traction. Rivian encourages R1T owners to take it on adventures by including a Bluetooth speaker, a powerful flashlight stored inside the driver’s side door for charging, a built-in air compressor, and a hose to inflate your tires.

Besides all that, the company offers an optional $5,000 camp kitchen. This includes a 1400-watt stovetop, 4-gallon water tank, counter space, and a 30-piece cutlery set.

The Rivian starts at $70,000, and customers can expect to receive their R1T in Spring 2022.

3. Lucid Motors

white lucid air in front of luxury home and trees
Image Credit: Lucid

The Lucid Air is looking to be the most luxurious sedan in the EV world. It costs $77,000 for the base variant that delivers 480 horsepower and over 400 miles of range. However, if you want to go all out, you’ll need to shell out $170,000 for the top variant with 1,100 horsepower and over 500 miles of range. This electric motor will rocket the Air to 60mph in under 3 seconds.

Lucid designed the Air to be comfortable, rival Mercedes in terms of luxury, and cater to those who love to drive. The Air has several driving modes to maximize comfort, range, or sportiness and offers a beautiful glass roof alongside massaging seats. The car appears to be extremely quick and minimizes range anxiety with its large batteries.

The interior of the Lucid Air also has a couple of high-resolution LCD screens, hidden storage space, and plenty of legroom in the back. Journalists say that even though the Air is only as long as a BMW 5-Series, it has the legroom of a Mercedes S-Class, one of the world’s most luxurious sedans.

Although some customers who already reserved their Lucid Air received their vehicles in October 2021, you may have to wait to purchase one until at least Spring 2022.

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4. Polestar

white Polestar 2 fully electric vehicle on street against brick wall

Polestar is an electric vehicle company by Volvo, which has already promised to stop producing its gasoline-powered cars by 2030.

Polestar currently has two vehicles for sale: The Polestar 2, an affordable fully-electric compact sedan starting at $38,400 after applying the federal tax credit, and the Polestar 1, a more luxurious offering with a hybrid drivetrain starting at $155,000.

The fully-electric Polestar 2 is comparable to a Tesla Model 3, delivering 408hp and up to 270 miles of range. It has similar styling to other Volvo vehicles with the signature Thor hammer LED headlights, large panoramic glass sunroof, and gorgeous 20-inch forged alloy wheels with yellow brake calipers.

The interior is minimal yet luxurious with a high-resolution, 11-inch vertical touchscreen with built-in Google Assistant, heated seats, signature yellow seatbelts, and a high-quality sound system.

You can also control parts of your Polestar 2 with the Polestar Connect app. The app allows you to lock and unlock your car with your phone, open the trunk, start up the motor, control the interior climate, as well as check the amount of charge the battery has.

The Polestar 2 with the Long Range Dual Motor can hit 60mph in 4.5 seconds, and interested customers can purchase the new EV right now. Certain pre-configured vehicles are available at Polestar dealers today, while interested customers can expect deliveries for the other variants in early February 2022.

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5. Fisker

Gray Fisker Ocean with all windows down in desert against mountains
Image Credit: Fisker

Fisker was one of the first Tesla competitors launched in 2012 with the Fisker Karma. It had 403hp and up to 240 miles of range. The car was interesting for its time but had plenty of issues that resulted in Fisker suspending production in November 2012 with only 2,000 Karmas sold worldwide.

Fisker has now returned with the Fisker Ocean, its new fully-electric compact SUV that starts at around $38,000. This new EV will have up to 350 miles of range and 550hp, which will get you to 60mph in just under 4 seconds.

The Ocean has a quirky yet attractive boxy design with a large grill to help cool the batteries, turning indicators below the headlights, and 22-inch pressed carbon wheels. Fisker wants the Ocean to feel very open with lots of natural light, so it gives you the ability to open the rear windshield as well as the small 3rd row windows.

The Ocean’s interior is pretty minimal with a 17.1-inch swiveling touchscreen, environmentally friendly, vegan leather seats, and a large sunroof.

Those who have fallen in love with the Fisker Ocean already will have to wait a while. The Ocean One, the highest-end trim that costs just under $70,000, will begin production in November 2022, while the more affordable Ocean Sport, starting at $37,499, will begin production in November 2023.

Who Will Be the Real Tesla Rival?

Although many of these electric vehicles above have impressive specs and pricing compared to Tesla, we’ll only know for sure who stands a chance as a real competitor once they hit the streets.

Charging your vehicle is a huge factor to consider before purchasing your EV. This includes the number of charging stations available, how fast they charge, and how much they cost compared to Tesla Superchargers.

All in all, the more competition Tesla has, the better electric vehicles we will get. The retail price for EVs may come down, more charging stations will be built, and owning an electric car will become an easy choice for a sustainable future.

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