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5 Fake Call Apps for iPhone to Help You Escape Awkward Social Situations


We’ve all been in situations we wish we could get out of. Whether it’s an awkward date or a boring social event, leaving abruptly might hurt someone’s feelings. Coming up with excuses works, but sometimes somebody might ask for proof. Luckily, there are some great iPhone apps that can help you leave an awkward situation and provide evidence for your departure.

These apps can provide fake calls, texts, and even appointment reminders to help you leave whenever you want. If you want to be prepared to leave an awkward situation, give one of these apps a try.

1. Fake Call Pro

One of the most popular fake call apps, Fake Call Pro provides a call to your phone at a certain time to help you leave a situation.

When you download the app, you can set who you want the call to be from and when you want to receive that call. Then, you put your phone down and wait for the ring. You can even choose your usual iPhone ringtone as to not throw somebody off if they’ve heard your phone ring before.

Once the phone rings, you can answer it and there will be random voices generated on the other line. If someone is listening to you closely, they will still believe someone is on the phone with you.

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You can use this app to make a fake call to get out of an awkward situation and if you need to leave and pretend that the person calling you needs you to leave. Or, you can use it to step away for a minute and then leave after stepping away.

Download: Fake Call Pro (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Fake Call

Another great fake calling app, Fake Call provides many of the same features as Fake Call Pro, although there is no affiliation between the two.

Fake Call has the same basic features, such as writing the name of the person calling you and choosing the time when you’ll get a call.

However, there are a few features that make Fake Call different. First off, you can choose a custom wallpaper. Fake Call Pro will only use a generic Apple background when you get a call that won’t be the same as your normal Lock Screen. This can throw some people off.

Another great feature of Fake Call is that you can choose your own voice recording to play when you pick up the phone. Other fake caller apps usually play a voice of a random person talking. Fake Call allows you to customize this voice to even have a full conversation with somebody on speakerphone to provide proof if you need it.

The Fake Call app even allows profile pictures of the caller, to match how your iPhone would look if you received a call from another iPhone user.

Download: Fake Call (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Text Me

Text Me is an app that many people use to text any person using a second number that isn’t connected to your own. It’s great for online purchases and giving your number to strangers who you might not trust.

While Text Me isn’t a traditional app used to fake a reason for leaving a situation, it does have features that make it perfect for it. Text Me doesn’t have to be used for the reasons mentioned above, you can also use it to text yourself

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You can use it to create fake texts by creating your number, and then saving that number in your contacts. You can then create your own text message conversations that can work as excuses to leave a situation early.

It’s easy to show somebody a text message on your phone and since the number is in your phone, it looks real. Since Text Me gives you a number from the same area code, the number will look legitimate if the person verifies it by opening the contacts app.

Just be sure to silence notifications for Text Me if you use it for this purpose.

Download: Text Me (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Kurved

Kurved goes beyond fake calling and texting apps. With Kurved, you can fake just about anything. Create fake class schedules, appointments, and even airline tickets with ease.

Not only can you create excuses to get out of a situation or leave early, but you can also create excuses to pretend to be out of the area for days at a time. This would work great for those trying to avoid that pesky relative who might be in town.

Kurved also creates text message conversations. You can even time stamp them the way you want so it can seem like a text just came in or was sent a while ago.

Kurved takes it one step further by even providing fake call logs and emails. If you forgot to send an email to someone or forgot to call someone, you can create a fake log to make it look like you did.

Kurved provides so many features that can help you escape awkward situations, so having it downloaded can prepare you for the future.

Download: Kurved (Free, in-app purchases available)​​​​​​​

5. Fake All

If you’re looking for an all-in-one app to fake calls, texts, and even social media messages, consider downloading the Fake All app.

To use Fake All, download the app and select whether you want to fake a call, chat, or message. The fake call feature works like the other fake call apps mentioned. You can set who the call is from, the ringtone, and the voice on the other line.

Once this is set you can set the time you want the call to start.

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The fake chat feature can fake Facebook Messenger conversations as well as WhatsApp conversations. If you frequently use either of these, faking a message thread is a believable way to get out of a situation.

Fake All also creates fake notifications from Instagram, Messenger, and Messages. No other reputable app fakes Instagram messages or Facebook messages like Fake All. This makes it believable for even the most skeptical.

Download: Fake All (Free)​​​​​​​

Always Be Ready to Escape Awkward Situations

You never know when you’ll be in an awkward situation that you want to get out of. Whether you need a fake call, fake appointment, or a fake social media message, having these apps downloaded can come in handy.

While you shouldn’t need proof to leave a situation you don’t want to be in, these apps can prevent you from hurting someone’s feelings when you leave. By knowing you can leave a situation at any time without hurting someone’s feelings, you can be free to do what makes you most comfortable.

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