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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering a Job Offer


Applying for a new job is challenging. You have to go through several interviews and ace them. But going through this laborious process isn’t the only thing you should do. After the application, you should also contemplate whether you’ll accept the job offer or not. Don’t just blindly take any job offered to you. It can be a recipe for stress or, worse, disaster.

You need to think through all of your options and find the perfect fit. When you accept a job, you’re in it for the long haul. So it’s best to take your time before taking one.

The Importance of Reflection Before and After Accepting a Job Offer

According to a study published by Gallup, only 34% of those surveyed were engaged and happy with their current position. This shows a huge gap between what employees expect from their new job and what it actually delivers. That’s why you need to reflect on whether the job you are accepting is something that you would enjoy or not.

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So, before you sign that contract, ask yourself questions, so you can determine if it’s the right choice. Understand what you want and need, and check how you feel about starting your new job. Are you excited, or does it make you anxious?

Take a moment, breathe, and use this time to contemplate important questions, so you know you’re making an informed decision. By focusing on yourself, you can determine the path you want to go down with your career.


1. Is the Company’s Work Culture a Good Fit for Me?

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If you’ve been to different companies, you know that they have different work cultures. While company culture isn’t everything, it can help make your daily work life more manageable. Asking whether you fit well or not can help you become more happy and satisfied with your role. If you don’t feel like you belong or don’t get the vibes of the office, it’s probably best to keep looking for other options.

You’ll be spending the majority of your time at work, so if you’re not at peace in the office, you’ll dread every single moment you’re in it. This will hamper your efficiency and lower your productivity.

So, when you go into the office for your interview or job offer, look around it and take note of the setup. Do they have offices, or is it an open setup? This can show you how the company encourages collaboration. At the same time, it’s okay to ask about the work culture. Knowing about the team structure, company events, and more can help you determine if you would fit well in it.

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2. How Does This Job Fit in My Career and Life Goals?

Getting a job is a crucial part of anyone’s goals. Some accept a position to pay the bills, while others take a low-paying role to have an impressive title. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself whether the job can help you achieve your long-term career and life goals.

Before you sign the contract, look at your goals. Will this new job help you reach them, or will it hinder you from achieving them? Your job isn’t everything, but it plays an integral part in your life. You may want to have a job that leads you to where you want to be in your life, not something that will keep you from it.

3. What Does Success Mean to Me?

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This may sound cliché, but asking how you measure success can help you know whether the job is meeting your most essential needs or not. In most cases, people have unachievable expectations of success. That’s why they end up unhappy and unsatisfied with their job.

If you define success right before you start a job, you can determine the minimum bar you need to achieve to be fulfilled with your job. At different stages of your life and career, success may mean getting a promotion or higher compensation. While for others, it means having more time to pursue their passions outside of work. Don’t accept any job without understanding what success looks like to you.

Whatever it means to you, assess whether the job you’re currently offered can lead you to the outcome you wish for in life. Otherwise, you’ll end up regretting your decision and waste time on a job that makes you bitter.

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4. Will I Get the Benefits and Salary I’m Looking For?

Let’s be honest; money talks. While a job isn’t all about the money, the compensation you’ll get can have a significant impact on your life. After all, our job sustains our living, right? So, be sure to check whether the salary you’ll get will help you meet your needs.

At the same time, you also need to check whether they offer benefits that can support you and your family. For example, if you’re planning to start a family, how long can you get maternal or paternal leave? Does it offer healthcare benefits to your dependents? Weigh what is offered to you versus what you’re looking for, so you’ll understand if it works in your current position.

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5. Are You Excited to Start Working?

When you first hear the news that you are hired for the position, are you smiling from ear to ear? Does the job offer make you excited to start working? If your initial reaction isn’t as positive as you hope it will be, maybe it’s time to think if it’s the job for you.

Some people need to take some time to comprehend the whole situation. But if you still have this weight inside you after some time, it’s probably best to find another option. You don’t want to start a job with doubt, right?

Don’t Be Scared to Turn Down a Job Offer

Remember, turning down an offer that doesn’t fit you well is an act of bravery. It’s natural to be tempted to accept an opportunity right away. But you should resist the urge and take your time to reflect on it before taking a job.

Nobody likes a temporary position. So if you want to have stable and permanent employment, make sure to reflect on every offer you get before accepting it.

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