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5 Signs of Burnout at Work


Going to work feels like a superhuman effort at some point in every career. You are no longer bright-eyed and bushy-tailed but trudging and feeling like a stuck hamster, banging your head against a wall at work.

So when you suspect that you are encountering anything like that or experiencing these feelings, but with more intensity, it is time for you to realize that you are experiencing burnout.

Certain signs in your behavior can identify burnout, and here are the signs you need to look for.

1. Cognitive Trouble

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The absence of mental and emotional well-being is another indicator that is often observed along with physical health problems. Burnout can lead to a person feeling frustrated, cynical, and emotional, followed by some other negative feelings.

Burnout manifests itself in office quarrels, feeling offended over minor things, not paying attention during meetings, and finding it difficult to present well. You might start resenting everyone, no matter how important they may be to you.

Not only that, there will be increased restlessness and disturbances in sleep patterns like insomnia. Lack of sleep can fuel burnout since it makes one less able to think clearly. You will also experience something called brain fog, where you will feel all confused and foggy.

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On top of it all, you can find yourself getting frustrated with your loved ones, despite the issue being the most trivial.


2. Motivation for None

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In a situation where you are burnt out or on your way to it, you may lose motivation for doing your job well. Snoozing your alarm might become a habit, not just occasionally, but almost every single day, and you might find yourself dreading the arrival of Monday.

Instead, you will look forward to Fridays only and fantasize about quitting your job, yet you will not wish to search for another job because of the stress.

Being unable to think clearly will cause you to lose focus, ultimately leading you to spend more time on simple tasks. Office hours will become less productive, and the same task you used to complete in less time will take you longer.

Additionally, you may find yourself less happy, less satisfied, and less motivated to work efficiently. Not having enthusiasm and motivation to do anything anywhere is a massive sign that you are burned out.

3. Every Move in a Doubt

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Among the worst effects or signs of burnout is doubting everything, including yourself. If you lose self-confidence and become uncertain about your every move, then it’s time for a reality check: you’re burning out (full-fledged!). You become less satisfied, more critical, and more pessimistic about your work and yourself.

When you experience burnout, your achievements will not bring you any happiness or thrill, and you will forget them within no time. The appreciation won’t mean the same to you, and you won’t appreciate your colleagues’ work the same way you did in the past.

When you are filled with doubt and lack self-confidence, you will continuously feel overwhelmed and as though you are not making any progress, even though you may be. This strange change will cause you to neglect your own needs, and then you will feel an inner emptiness and withdrawal.

With so much going on in the head, how can one perform well at work?

4. Slipping Work Performance

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In the absence of motivation, your work performance can suffer, and you may lose the chance of promotion. Not sure if you are experiencing a burnout or a temporary slump? Try comparing your performance to previous years. It will reveal the truth.

Furthermore, you start expanding your mental energy mulling over other tasks, resulting in a lack of focus on the current task, thus making you more stressed. Your performance also slips when you feel disconnected from your job.

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There is no exception that you’ll start making careless errors, using less mental capacity, delaying the submissions, as well as not meeting the company’s standards. Over time, all of these factors may accumulate, and continuous poor performances may cause disaster. So, consider taking a break before the catastrophe unfolds.

5. No Self-Care and Improper Work-Life Balance

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You should be on the lookout for burnout when you stop taking care of yourself and maintain a work-life balance. You no longer care about what you once valued, such as healthy eating, regular exercise, and giving your friends proper attention. It makes you feel isolated, and you do not want to spend time with your colleagues.

Additionally, you lose your temper around your colleagues, which causes them to be hesitant around you, which, in turn, can deteriorate the relationship you share with them. Also, your work-life balance becomes a mess.

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You lose sight of work hours and family time, blending them into one. Your relationships are negatively affected, which further impedes your motivation to go to work the next day. Whenever your family demands your time or complains about you not taking care of yourself, know that the damage has been done, and it’s time to take a break.

Get Out of Burnout and Live a Happy Life

As a final reminder to you, if you ever exhibit these signs, make sure to recognize them first and then work on them. Unplug and take sleep and relaxation seriously since these can improve your health.

Taking note of these signs can allow you to identify burnout beforehand and avoid it altogether, or if you are already experiencing it, it will help you re-ignite your career. When left unchecked, burnout can have detrimental effects on your well-being and relationships.

Do you feel isolated in your team, you don’t receive credit for your work, your boss is not behaving well, or you are fed up with your toxic colleagues? If so, you need to look for ways to deal with such issues, so you can avoid burnout.

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