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5 Time-Saving Benefits of Using Project Management Software


Teamwork makes the dream work—except when it comes to miscommunications. When discussing a new project, over-communicating, under-communicating, and misunderstandings can take up a lot of time.

You’ve probably spent some time searching for bits of information or files that live in our inboxes, instant messengers, or sticky notes from meetings and phone calls.

If you can relate, you may benefit from using project management software. In this article, we’ll take you through a list of time-saving benefits this type of software offers, with examples from ClickUp, Notion, and Asana. Even if you’re working solo, you may find some takeaways.

1. No More Sending and Searching Through Emails

Thanks to project management software, you can ditch sending assignment emails.

Instead, you can use the assignee column in your ClickUp project boards. This allows you to assign ownership of a project over to someone else.

Once you’ve added the project description, due date, and any other details you’d like to include, simply add your coworker to this column, and they’ll receive a notification or see it in their to-do list.

If you’d like more than one person to take ownership of the project, you can enable a multiple assignee column using ClickUp’s ClickApps.

You have the option to enable this when creating your workspace. However, if you need to add it later, head over to your profile avatar in the bottom-left corner and click it to find ClickApps in the menu.


From there, scroll through the options to find Multiple Assignees, toggle it on, and check it off for the workspace you’d like to use it in.

Screenshot of project management software with a tile menu of options

The assignee column is for those taking action on a project. If you want to CC someone on the project, add them as a watcher by clicking the eye symbol in the top right corner of the task card.

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Now assignees and watchers are in the loop for later updates, including the person who created the task—and no one needs to scroll through an email 50 threads long for details.

2. Less Unnecessary Meetings

If you’ve ever heard someone say a meeting could have been an email—it could also be a page in Notion.

Instead of huddling or holding a brainstorming session for smaller projects and ideas, create a new page and collaborate within.

If you’re new to Notion, the Team Tasks template will get you started. To create a new page in the board view of this template, click the add button at the bottom of your column. If you prefer list view, simply add a new line to your list.

Screenshot of a template menu in project management software

Before adding your teammates, fill in the properties such as due date and priority, as well as the details and ideas you have. Include a prompt for your coworkers to add their thoughts and suggestions, and then add them as assignees.

You can also call this property teammates if you prefer something more neutral.

Screenshot of a project page in project management software with a text callout

The example image uses a callout to make the purpose of the page stand out. Below, anyone can add information using text, headers, images, attachments, links, and many other handy commands.

Also, if you or a coworker accidentally delete something meaningful, you can view previous versions of the page by clicking the clock icon in the top-right corner.

3. No Need to Explain the Project Multiple Times

You don’t need too many columns or properties to ensure your assignment details are clear and consistent. In fact, you can likely get away with using just assignee, due date, and priority.

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Before adding your coworkers as assignees or collaborators to a task in your project management software, fill out the information in each column and open the task’s card or page to fill in the description.

Here’s what that looks like using a simple layout in the free version of Asana.

Screenshot of a task card in project management software with description

Thanks to the clear layout and labels, everyone will know who’s an assignee or collaborator once you add them. They’ll also have clear instructions on when the due date is, the priority level of the task, and which project or section the task contributes to, in addition to the details.

4. You Avoid Answering the Same Question on Repeat

If someone asks for clarification through Slack or an email, not everyone has access to the answer. If they ask in the comment section of the respective task in your project management software, everyone will see it.

Here’s an example using ClickUp.

Screenshot of a comment in project management software

What’s excellent about ClickUp’s comments is each one creates a new thread. If you receive two questions, you can answer them separately by selecting reply below the comment. You can also assign someone to the question if you feel they may have a better answer.

Screenshot of a comment in project management software with open menu

The public question and answer should prevent the same questions from coming up. But if you get the question again, and it’s not a quick answer, you can point your coworker in the right direction by assigning them to the answer too.

5. Far Less Chasing Others for Their Work or Searching for Files

Since project management software promotes collaboration, you have plenty of tools to communicate with your coworkers. If you want a quick status update, all you need to do is tag them in a comment—in Notion. You can do so using an at sign (@) and pulling up their name in the search bar.

Screenshot of a tagged comment in project management software

You also won’t need to sift through emails or ask your coworkers to email you a document, since they can add them right in the copy of the project page. However, if you want documents to appear in the same place each time, you can add a document column to your project board page.

Screenshot of a column menu in project management software

A document column works wonders if you have a teammate notorious for asking you to resend a file each time they lose track of it. You can kindly tell them it’s there in the project board if they lose track of it again.

Increase Your Productivity With Project Management Software

Teamwork is fun, especially when a project is running smoothly. By managing your tasks in project management software, you can help reduce friction and save you and your coworkers a lot of time by keeping everything organized in one place.

Even if you’re working alone, you’ll still benefit from knowing where to find all the details and documents you need. Which software you choose is up to you. With many excellent options available, you’re more than likely to find one that works for you and your team.

Notion, ClickUp, and Asana are all great choices if you’re looking for some suggestions to start.

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