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5 Tips for Managing Your Team’s Slack Channel


When most of your workplace communication is conducted through Slack, you need to make sure it is optimal in its setup. One such way of doing this is creating a Slack channel for dedicated team conversation.

If you already have a team channel, you’re already on the right track, but there are plenty more things you can do to enhance your co-workers’ experience. In some ways, you need to imagine how you would emulate a face-to-face working environment, and mirror that online.

Let’s look at some tips and tricks for making your Slack channel effective and engaging.

1. Pin Files and Files to Your Slack Channel

Screenshot of Pinned Files in Slack Channel

You may already have a digital filing system that everyone has access to, whether that’s on Google Drive, One Drive, or something else. However, these can get messy very easily, and sometimes it’s difficult to find files, even by searching for them.

It’s beneficial for everyone if the files that are most relevant to your team, can be found pinned to the top of your Slack channel. There are several ways of doing this.

Firstly, you can pin files that you’ve uploaded through messages by hovering over the message and clicking the Three vertical dots, and select Pin to channel.

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Alternatively, below the name of your Slack channel, click the Plus symbol and select Add a bookmark to this channel. Here you can Paste a link from a file (like Google Docs), a website, or anything that generates a link. Then, simply Name the bookmark, and click Add. This will now be pinned to the top of your channel.


To organize your pinned bar, just follow the same instructions and select Create a folder instead, and Name it. Then, just drag the files you want into it, or click the folder and select Add bookmark to post it directly.

2. Set Up a Slack Email

Screenshot of Slack Email Set Up

Imagine if you could easily forward important emails to your Slack channel, without having to copy and paste the contents into a message? Well, you can!

Whether it’s a company announcement, or a reminder that’s sent out by email, you can send this directly to your channel by setting up a Slack email:

  1. On the channel of your choice, click the Channel name.
  2. Go to the Integrations tab.
  3. Select Send emails to this channel.
  4. Give it a Label, Name, and Icon, and then hit Save integration.

This will generate a Slack email address, which you can now send and forward emails to. The email will go straight to your channel as a message, for everyone to view. You can also share the Slack email address with your colleagues, so that they can do the same.

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3. Create an Automated Workflow for New Members

Screenshot of Slack Workflow Builder Templates

An excellent feature of Slack is the automated Workflow Builder, which allows you to turn routine tasks into automated processes. You can utilize this to post a welcome message, when a new user is added to the channel.

To get started, just follow these steps:

  1. On your team channel, click the Channel name at the top of the screen.
  2. Navigate to Integrations and click Add a workflow, which will open a new window.
  3. Click the Templates tab, and select A warm welcome for new teammates.
  4. Select the Channel you want to use this workflow in.
  5. Click Edit next to Send a message to person who joined channel, and write the welcome message you’d like to appear.
  6. Click Save, and once happy with your workflow, click Publish at the top of the window.

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When a new colleague joins your channel, this message will automatically post, so they won’t have to wait until you’re available to acknowledge them. This may also prompt the rest of your team to greet them, as well.

4. Utilize the Polly Integration for Polls

Screenshot of Create a New Polly

Whether it’s work-related, or you just want to have some fun and games with your colleagues, setting up polls in your team Slack channel is a great way to get people’s views quickly. Polly is an integration that allows you to do exactly this.

If you haven’t got Polly set up already, you can add it by clicking the Plus sign next to Apps in your Slack sidebar. Search for Polly and follow the on-screen instructions to Add to Slack.

Then, to create a new poll:

  1. In your message text box, type /polly, and from the suggestions list, select Create a polly with Polly.
  2. Click Create new, if you want to start from scratch, or choose from the prompts above for a Template.
  3. Give your poll a Name, and choose the Question type.
  4. In the text box, write the Answer choices (put each one on a separate line).
  5. Tick whether you would like to Allow comments, Allow multiple votes, and whether Audience can add choices.
  6. Do this for as many questions you like (click + Add a Question at the bottom of the window to add additional questions).
  7. Click Send.

Your poll will then be posted in the channel, so that your co-workers can answer it.

5. Schedule Slack Messages For Team Reminders

Let’s say you need to remind your team to compete a task on Wednesday, but you know you’re in back-to-back meetings all day, and won’t have time to send a well-crafted message. You can use the time you have now to write your reminder, and schedule it to be sent on Wednesday.

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All you have to do is type out the message you intend to send to your channel, and then click the Downward arrow next to the Send button. Select Custom time, and then choose the Day and Time you want it to be posted. Once you’re happy, hit the Schedule message.

Use Your Slack Channel to Its Potential

The tips laid out in this article are just some of the things you implement to make your team’s Slack channel run smoothly. When you use Slack’s features creatively, you make communication and task management easier for your team.

These features are there, just waiting to be used to their potential. The chances are that your co-workers will thank you for the effort, and it will pay for itself with time saved.

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