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5 Ways to Better Conduct Yourself at Work


Whether you are starting your career journey or have already landed your dream job, navigating office etiquette can be a bit tricky. Lacking this quality will not go unnoticed and can impede your success.

If you want to set yourself up for success and make a great impression on employers and colleagues, you need to learn some tricks and tips on behaving better at work.

Here are a few simple and valuable practices that will turn you into a real professional in no time.

1. Be Punctual

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If you are committed to your work, you won’t be chronically late or absent. Keeping attendance and arriving on time or a few minutes earlier is essential for companies and employers who value punctuality.

Stay on top of timings and return to work on time even after lunch breaks, and do not take more time than is allowed. Make sure to let someone or your manager know if something comes up, or you get late, or an emergency call comes in.

With these habits, you will finish up your work on time at the end of the day, which will lead to increased work efficiency and fewer stress-generating leftover tasks.

The best way to keep yourself on schedule and harness the power of punctuality is to use software or apps such as Google Maps or ToodleDo. Maps help you find the fastest and most intelligent route to your destination, and Toodledo’s alarm feature prevents you from missing deadlines or from arriving late for meetings.


Download: Google Maps for Android | iOS (Free)

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2. Respect Is the Key

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Whenever you are in the same place with the same people every day, you are bound to become great pals or just close friends with your coworkers. When you and your colleagues work together to meet a deadline, many could get frustrated, and you might be one of them. However, remember that work is work no matter what.

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From supervisors to coworkers and customers to interns, everybody deserves respect. Hence, if you end up in a heated situation, stay calm, respectful, and keep your temper in check. Take a break to gather your thoughts if necessary.

It is a big no-no to swear, use foul language, or throw insults around, as it will only make you look incompetent, rude, and unprofessional. When you want to conduct yourself better at work, you don’t want to be associated with these things. Simply put, don’t be grumpy and disrespectful, and you will leave a good impression and be seen as an exemplary employee.

By allowing users to complete different challenges, the Respect Effect is a handy app that promotes healthy relationships. Users can share challenges they have achieved, and after earning points, can move up the leader board. To develop a healthy attitude towards people, you should try this app.

Download: Respect Effect for iOS (Free)

3. Dress Your Best

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Adapt your attire to your workplace’s environment. When you work in a casual setting, dress casually by all means, but even that should be neat and attractive. The most chill workplace won’t appreciate untidy, wrinkled, or torn attire.

But if you are starting, it is best to dress in some formals in your first few days to prevent second-hand embarrassment and the label of unprofessionalism until you get a feel for the dress code at your company.

Ensure that you maintain good hygiene to appear well-groomed and present your best side. In the end, everyone notices how you dress for work, and dressing well is one of the best ways to conduct yourself at work.

If you’ve ever wished that you had a stylist to assist with your work attire, then we’ve got good news for you. Enty is an app that offers immediate feedback after taking a picture of your outfit. If you are unsure whether your attire for the workplace is appropriate, this app will help you make the right decision.

Download: Enty for iOS (Free)

4. Lend a Hand or an Ear

three men in the office discussing presentation next to each other

Want to be a better employee? Stay up for collaboration all the time. Collaboration is valued and viewed as above all else in this new era.

So, by helping others in something you are best at, you will make yourself heard by employers and colleagues alike. The contributions you make will reflect well on you. But remember, don’t be too pushy.

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If necessary, lend a helping hand or listen to your colleagues when they explain their ideas. Often, lending an ear and listening to your coworkers’ ideas or even letting them help you out a bit by being receptive to their ideas reflects well on you. You’ll find that this practice will enhance your day at work, which will, in turn, make you more productive.

5. Honor Your Commitments

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Fulfilling your commitments involves completing assignments on time and not being late for office meetings. Ask yourself whether you will be able to honor your commitments before taking any responsibility.

You should not hesitate to spend extra time at work to complete an important presentation, even if that means spending more hours in the office for a few days. In an emergency when fulfilling your duties isn’t possible, inform someone beforehand, so they can delegate the work to get it done on time.

Last but not least, never over-commit to anything and learn to say ‘No’. If you catch everything thrown your way by your managers and boss, not only will you probably not finish it on time, but the quality of your work will also suffer. You should therefore ensure that everything you do is of high quality and delivered on time.

Putting all your meeting times and deadlines on Google Calendar is a great way to be reminded when the time is approaching. Make scheduling your busy schedule super easy with Google Calendar.

Better Conduct Yourself at Work

If you follow these simple, effective, and easy-to-implement tips, you are sure to improve your work conduct and increase your chances of winning employee of the month. Try to maintain good manners, and you will see that you will establish a good reputation. This ultimately translates into big rewards.

It is impossible to ignore the importance of work-life balance when discussing how to perform better at work. Only when you are satisfied in your personal life can you give your best to your work. Therefore, consider improving your work-life balance to enhance your performance at work.

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