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6 real preserved rose necklaces from Eternal Rose are on sale for Valentine’s Day


Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

Shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts isn’t easy, no matter how long you’ve been dating. It’s not like a Christmas gift you generally pick off a list or base off of someone’s needs. It’s more sentimental, romantic, or sensual than that. If you’re struggling to find a V-Day gift this year, here’s a fancy shmancy one to consider: a rose that never dies.

Hear me out. These necklaces from Eternal Rose are made with real preserved roses, so your lover can wear one across their neck and feel the love forever. There are a few options on sale for the big day — and if you place your order by February 3rd, it should arrive just in time.

Plus, if you spend more than $25, you’ll get five free entries into the Love Blossoms Valentine’s Day Giveaway, where you can win $1K worth of even more roses to give your valentine. Learn more here.

Made with a real, preserved rose and dipped in 24K gold, this deep blue velvety necklace is designed to last an eternity. Each rose is unique, so colors may vary a bit — just as nature intended. Get it on sale for $124.99 and save a few bucks for a limited time.

Credit: Eternal Rose

With the rich colors of the Armenian flag, this rose necklace represents the strength and vibrancy of Armenian culture in a way that never subsides. It’s handcrafted by skilled craftsmen via a 65-step process to preserve the rose. Then, it’s dipped in 24K gold and polished with lacquer. Grab this beauty on sale for $124.99 (regularly $129).

Red blue and gold rose necklace

Credit: Eternal Rose

This rich, buttery gold charm is made from a real rose and dipped in 24K gold. With its handcrafted 65-step process, its quality is unmistakable. And its natural honey shade matches perfectly with the 19.5-inch, 24K gold-plated chain. Get it on sale for $124.99 (regularly $129).

Gold rose necklace

Credit: Eternal Rose

For a love that’s deep and a little bit mysterious, check out the Midnight Promise necklace, which features stunningly dark real rose petals and enchanting 24K gold adornment. It’s classically elegant and showcases your unending love. Plus, it’s on sale for $124.99 (regularly $129).

Black and gold rose necklace

Credit: Eternal Rose

Each petal of the Revolutionary Rose of Lebanon glows with deep hues of red and white, with slight shades of green to represent the cultural diversity that is Lebanon. It’s delicate 24K gold-dipped edges only accent its beauty. For a limited time, you can get it on sale for $124.99.

Red white and green rose necklace

Credit: Eternal Rose

This gorgeous teal rosebud, surrounded by 24K gold-dipped accents adds a pop of color to every outfit. Not to mention, its handcrafted, preserved rose design will showcase your love forever more. Slash a few bucks off for Valentine’s Day and grab it for $124.99.

Teal and gold rose necklace

Credit: Eternal Rose

Prices subject to change.

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