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7 iPhone Apps to Check Your Prescription and Get the Perfect Pair of Glasses


Whether you’re short- or long-sighted, the right pair of eyeglasses should help you see things better and complement your appearance. Therefore, it’s important to get the correct prescription and to learn what eyewear style suits you best. Luckily, there are plenty of apps to help glasses-wearers with tasks like that.

Let’s check out the apps you can use to get your glasses parameters, try on different glasses virtually, and purchase new eyewear with ease.

1. Prescription Scanner

Prescription Scanner is an FDA-listed app from the eyewear retailer, To get your glasses parameters, all you need is a computer to pair your smartphone with, a standard bank card for scaling purposes, and your current prescription glasses.

A tip when choosing a card for scaling: if you’re concerned with data privacy, use an expired store membership card that only has the shop’s generic design on it. Don’t pick one that has an identification number associated with you.

The scanning process takes a few minutes. The voice instructions on the app are clear and easy to follow. Once you complete the scan, the app gives you a coupon to shop for new glasses at

Download: Prescription Scanner (Free)

2. EyeMeasure

EyeMeasure measures your pupillary distance and segment height (the height from your bottom lens to your eyes). You do not need any other objects like cards, tape measures, or mirrors to use this app, just your face, your camera, and a brightly lit location.


Segment height is essential for accurate progressives. Progressive lenses are those that have three prescriptions in a single pair of glasses. They’re used by people who are both short- and long-sighted, and would like to avoid the hassle of constantly switching between different eyeglasses.

With these measurements, it’ll aid you in ordering the right prescription glasses online. However, take note that EyeMeasure only works for the iPhone X and later.

Download: EyeMeasure (Free)

3. Virtual Vision Test

Virtual Vision Test is a health service app from Warby Parker, an eyewear retailer in the US and Canada. Virtual Vision Test provides familiar eye charts that you’d read at the optician’s, but now you can do so at home.

Once you complete this process, an eye doctor will analyze your results within 48 hours. If it’s deemed that your current prescription still works well for you, the doctor will then renew your expired prescription.

The app works for the iPhone 6S and later. Therefore, even if you’re using an older iPhone model, you can still enjoy the convenience Virtual Vision Test offers you.

Download: Virtual Vision Test (Free)

4. Warby Parker

Now that you’ve got your glasses parameters, time for the fun part: choosing your glasses. On the Warby Parker app, products are sorted by category such as eyeglasses, sunglasses, contacts, and accessories.

You don’t need to imagine how the frame will look like on your head and fear disappointment when the actual glasses arrive. Use Warby Parker’s virtual try-on and browse through the large variety of stylish glasses. Apply search filters to find the glasses you want. You can filter by frame width, shape, nose bridge fit, material, and color.

Warby Parker’s AR technology is near seamless. You can turn your head side to side or look up and down. The camera won’t distort your face shape or make the glasses look wonky on you. It’s almost like wearing real glasses and looking into a mirror. With this try-on feature, you’ll get a very accurate visual image of how different glasses look on your face.

Download: Warby Parker (Free)

5. Lenskart

Lenskart eyewear retailer have gained traction for its humorous advertisements showing how the right pair of glasses leads to popularity and idealistic romance.

In the past, the Lenskart app’s virtual try-on merely puts on glasses on a selfie you upload to the app. Now, it has upgraded this feature and offer an AR-powered experience similar to Warby Parker.

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Filter the various glasses by frame type, price, and shape. If you find one that speaks to you, add it to your favorites or wishlist. Although the company is based in India, it offers international shipping to specific countries.

Download: Lenskart (Free)


With more than 100 different frames, IDEOFIT lets you have fun trying shades and glasses you would never pick in stores because you thought they wouldn’t suit you, or because of the intimidating price tag. Browse and try on eyewear from well-known brands such as Gucci, Versace, Oakley, and Ray-Ban.

You can also take a selfie or record a video on IDEOFIT. Then share it with your friends to ask for ideas and opinions. If you’d like to purchase anything, simply tap on the product and the app will direct you to an Amazon link.

Download: IDEOFIT (Free, premium version available)

Eyewear isn’t always about frames. If you use contact lenses, 1-800 Contacts is a fast and easy app for you to buy contact lenses. 1-800 Contacts stocks well-known brands such as Acuvue and Air Optix, offers them at a low price, and includes free shipping!

Find your contacts brand on 1-800 Contacts by uploading an image of your prescription, scanning your contacts box, or entering the information manually. If you subscribe to repeat purchases, the app offers you discounts on future orders.

1-800 Contacts has other useful features for you as well. Through ExpressExam, an eye doctor will assess and give you a new prescription if you need it. LensGauge serves as a reminder to change your contacts, so there’s no more excuse to wear them way beyond the expiry date.

Download: 1-800 Contacts (Free)

For both work and play, the right pair of eyewear is crucial for your everyday life. The correct prescription prevents issues like eye exhaustion. A style that suits your face can make you appear younger and enhance how you look.

All the apps discussed in this article are free to download, but you’d need to pay for any eyewear you through them. Still, before making that purchase, you can have fun trying on the different frame styles and finding the one.

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