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7 Things You Can Do With Location-Based Reminders


With location-based reminders, you get altered for essential tasks whenever you visit a particular place. Here are some of the best uses for it.

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As technology advances, more and more innovations are introduced into the market. For example, reminder apps aren’t just made to notify you of certain events on a specific date and time. Now, you can also use some apps to remind you of different things whenever you’re in a particular location. This is called location-based reminder.

If you often forget to do essential tasks whenever you visit a particular place, this type of reminder is for you. Basically, you just have to set up a reminder that alerts you to take action whenever you drive or leave a destination.

Different Ways to Use Location-Based Reminders

Location-based reminders are helpful, especially if you know how to utilize them properly. If you’re running out of ideas, here are some ways you can use this type of reminder:

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  1. Buy items from the store: Do you need to pick up something from the hardware? Or maybe get groceries for dinner? All you have to do is create a location-based reminder when leaving your office or passing by a mall or grocery.
  2. Get gas: If you always forget to fill up your car’s tank, you can create a location-based reminder that repeats on specific days, so you can get notified whenever you’re close to a gas station near your home.
  3. Call or visit loved ones: You can set up a location-based reminder whenever you’re in a particular city or area to visit or call someone.
  4. Water your plants: Do you sometimes forget to water your plants? If so, you can’t instruct your favorite virtual assistant to remind you to water your plants whenever you drive from work.
  5. Pick-up laundry: You won’t forget your laundry anymore with location-based reminders. Just create a location-based reminder whenever you leave the house or office.
  6. Visit a place: Remind yourself to visit a particular location whenever you leave your house or other areas.
  7. Remind you of location-dependent tasks: Do you need to ask your colleague something? Create a reminder to get notified when you arrive at the office. Need to buy wine for your dinner party? A location-based reminder will alert you to get one when you leave the office.


Focus on What Truly Matters

Forcing yourself to remember certain actions can be mentally draining, which can hamper your productivity.

With location-based reminders, you can stay on things that truly matter. A simple reminder can set aside those trivial tasks, allowing you to stay on top of things that need to be done first.

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