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8 Great Apps for Exercising With Personal Trainers


Exercise is important, but sometimes you need the discipline of a personal trainer to keep going. Even if you can’t get to the gym, your smartphone is here to help.

There are mobile apps that let you exercise with personal trainers, whether they’re people, AI bots, or animations. Here’s a selection of great personal trainer services to check out on Android and iOS.

1. Nike Training Club

An always-reliable option for solo fitness is the Nike Training Club app. It has a huge library of videos and tutorials that you can stream or download. Even better, most of them are free.

After signing up, you’ll get different types of classes to choose from, including a selection of personalized suggestions. Whether you prefer steady or dynamic routines, this app has you covered.

You can filter your workouts even more and focus, for example, on trainer-led classes or whiteboard sessions that combine written instruction with videos. Either way, the Nike Training Club app turns your phone into your personal trainer.

Download: Nike Training Club for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

2. Fiit

Fiit is another go-to app for remote workouts, as well as workouts designed for additional fitness equipment, such as dumbbells and bikes. However, even the no-equipment workouts on the mobile app are enough to break a sweat and, with time, see a difference in your body.


With Fiit, you’ll find a wide range of workouts for all fitness levels and tastes, including yoga, low impact cardio, abs burn, and more.

If you’re not interested in the group classes, you can work out alone using the personal trainer sessions, recorded for your convenience. Pick a class and jump in whenever you feel like it.

Download: Fiit for Android | iOS (Subscription required, free trial available)

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3. Centr

If you want to look like Chris Hemsworth, why not use his app? Centr is a subscription-based service with a free trial, coming with its own worthwhile package of fitness tools.

To begin with, you’ll get a personalized workout and nutrition calendar. You can stick with just the personal trainer videos and specified meals or explore the app’s many additional features.

You’ll find lots of different types of training to do by yourself, as well as healthy food tips and recipes. Centr even has a handy shopping list section, where you can plan what you need each week.

Download: Centr for Android | iOS (Subscription required, free trial available)

4. Aaptiv

The Aaptiv fitness app is like a simpler version of Fiit, but it can be just as effective.

Choose between individual classes or start a whole program and exercise with carefully designed tutorials. Unlike the services above, Aaptiv uses several kinds of media to instruct and inspire you in addition to videos.

For example, its visual sessions break up the videos into clips of specific movements, while a trainer’s voice and the occasional text will guide you along the way. There are even purely motivational audio tracks you can listen to while doing a stair or climbing workout.

The various features might seem confusing, but Aaptiv is still a top app for exercising alone or with a recorded personal trainer.

Download: Aaptiv for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

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5. NHS Couch to 5K

If you like the idea of completely free software to support your fitness journey, consider the NHS’s Couch to 5K mobile app. Its focus is on running, but it also features some video workouts for cardio, stretches, and more.

You get two kinds of personal trainers—one in the videos and one to motivate you while running. The latter will be a celebrity of your choice.

Once you choose your running trainer, the app downloads their audio file and automatically plays it when you launch each run of your weekly schedule. All you have to do to gradually build your physical and mental health is run and listen to the helpful instructions.

Download: NHS Couch to 5K for Android | iOS (Free)

6. Freeletics

Freeletics is like Aaptiv in that each workout is a collection of video clips, showing you how to do each exercise. You’ll also find written and audio instructions to complement the videos.

The free version of Freeletics offers personalized training sessions that change as you progress. You don’t have to stop there, however. You’re welcome to use any of its other workouts, ranging from warmups to pull-up bar exercises.

For additional features, like extra training programs, personal tracking tools, and a proper AI coach, you have to subscribe. If you’ve enjoyed trying the free offerings, this mobile app’s personal trainer features are worth the investment.

Download: Freeletics for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

7. Home Workout

Animations can demonstrate exercises just as well as videos. Home Workout is a good example of a simple but effective app for getting your fitness routine in order.

Once you set your specs and goals, you get access to lots of personalized workouts that you can do with or without equipment. Your digital personal trainer flows smoothly from one exercise to the next, so every session is easy to follow.

You can unlock extra perks with a premium membership or by watching ads—these are a minor inconvenience.

You can even sync Home Workout with your Google Fit, one of many ways to fine-tune the app and meet your specific fitness needs.

Download: Home Workout for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

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8. Trainerize

Another app you should be aware of is Trainerize, which is a platform that lets personal trainers instruct clients remotely. The program is specifically designed for fitness professionals, who then give you access to their services through the app.

Instead of generic video or AI-based routines, you get an actual person instructing you. This also means that the cost of exercising through Trainerize entirely depends on the trainer.

At the very least, you can look forward to a truly personalized experience. Your trainer can upload their own recorded workouts, send you helpful documents, monitor your progress, and be there for you when you need fitness or nutrition advice.

Download: Trainerize for Android | iOS (Free)

Get to Know the Advantages of Personal Trainer Apps

Thanks to your smartphone, you don’t have to join a gym or even see an instructor in-person to benefit from professional expertise. There are many apps that bring trainers to you and give your device the power to guide your every step.

It may be a learning curve, but once you get used to exercising with digital tools, you might find that you only need personal trainers for extra support.

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