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9 Free Project Proposal Templates That Grab Attention


Every successful project starts with a compelling project proposal that attracts investors, sponsors, and the partners you need. Although creating a project proposal is not that difficult, having project proposal templates that show you the way can make the process less daunting. With a good project proposal, you can anticipate where to allocate your finances and how to plan for the future.

However, all projects are different, so if you’re trying to use the same project proposal team for all of them, there’s a big chance that it might backfire. Hence, here’s a pick of the top project proposal templates that you can use for a variety of projects:

1. General Project Proposal Template by Google Docs

a preview of simple project template

Sometimes, all you need to get your idea across is a simple project proposal template that can work for most of your projects. This template is neat, has clearly delineated sections, and has an organized layout that makes it easy to grasp information.

You can edit the template to customize it—add or reduce sections as per your needs. As it is a Google Docs template, you can either Download it or Make a Copy of it to use it. You can also print it.

If you’re looking for a project proposal template that can cover a software development project as well as a mobile app development one, this is the project proposal sample you should be using. It includes an overview, key components, development, testing, code review, and a table to keep an accurate timeline of tasks.


You can easily estimate project hours with this free project proposal template, and it’s right for agile teams as well. If you’re not going to use it for internal communications, you can also add pricing and payment information for your client to review.

Preview of Single Page Project Template

Sometimes, all you need is a one-page proposal that gets straight to the point without beating around the bush. It shows all the important information at a glimpse and gives you ample chance to review client information, project details, equipment segregation, and labor costs.

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You can edit this template to suit your needs, and change the headers. However, if you want to make an impression with a single-page proposal, this is the project proposal format you should be following.

With a contrasting use of colors, this modern business proposal helps you command attention in all the right ways. With fully customizable options, you can edit the content, replace the image, and download it as per your needs.

This project proposal template is perfect for those who like to make a good introduction, add services and offerings, and add pricing information. You can also preview all the essential pages in a contents’ page that comes after the cover page.

research proposal preview

A research proposal is an essential part of the application process for work or school. From summarizing your research question to outlining your goals to demonstrating your knowledge, it covers all bases required for your evaluation. Hence, when it comes to a research proposal, you’d not like to risk it.

Instead, you can rely on a professionally designed template that clarifies your objectives and key ideas. With tables that depict information in an organized manner to subsections that define the problem statements and research hypotheses, this free project proposal team is clean, simple, and yet visually pleasing.

Nothing stands out better than geometric designs. They are aesthetically pleasing, simple, and catchy at the same time. Hence, if you’re looking to make a great first impression, start with this geometrically designed social media marketing proposal that has its own brand colors, logos, and fonts.

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You can customize this proposal to fit in animated gestures. Within a geometrical layout, you’ll find tables to present information, content blocks, and high-quality vector icons.

7. Geometric Project Proposal Template by Google Docs

google docs template preview

Being simple, clean, and crisp, this project proposal team is inspired by geometric design and gives a professional yet pleasing visual appearance. As it is a template from Google Docs, you can Download it or Make a Copy of it to edit it.

The thing about Google Docs templates is that they can be downloaded as a Word file as well as a PDF, depending upon your project needs. If you need to give an insight to your readers about project overview, goals, and milestones, this is the best project proposal example we have in mind.

Numerous projects rely on bidding: it is an important component of all successful project execution ventures. Hence, having your hands on a free project proposal template that’s aimed at bids is useful. With a neat design and pleasant colors, this bid project proposal template adds an edge of professionalism to your proposals.

Moreover, it has easily customizable content blocks, and you can use images that work for you. You can also change colors, patterns, and add or subtract pages.

design project proposal preview

If you’re looking for a special approach and want to take a detour to stylish project proposal templates, this design template is the right fit. It helps your project have a distinctive visual identity of its own.

It works with two major colors to send a bold and beautiful message. Other than the visually pleasing aspects, this design proposal is a 12-page document that does justice to your diverse project needs.

Ace Your Project Proposals With Templates

Acing a project proposal becomes easier when you have put together a detailed and convincing proposal. In a world where we rely more on visuals than texts, it is only smart to use professional project proposal templates with relevant graphics and help deepen our understanding.

These project proposal templates are free to download, use, and print. Moreover, all of them can be easily customized to suit your precise business needs—so that you’re spending most of your time ideating and innovating rather than designing a project proposal from scratch.

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