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9 Reasons Why Twitter Is Actually Good


Twitter has been one of the most popular social media platforms for years now. With criticisms often made about the site and how it can cause such abusive discourse, canceling of celebrities, and how much we as a society rely on it for our news, it can be hard to see the good in the platform.

Despite the downsides of Twitter and social media as a whole, there is a lot to love about the popular platform. If you’re a fan of Twitter, these points will likely resonate with you as a testament to the positive side of the platform.

1. Twitter Is User-Friendly

Twitter User Interface

Whatever your reason for joining Twitter is, you can rest assured that the platform is easy to use. Twitter’s design is kept extremely simple, and while you can customize your feed, the topics, and the people you want to keep up with, the platform is straightforward to navigate on both mobile and PC.

Its Direct Messaging feature allows you to have conversations with friends and followers. You can Report, Mute, or Block anybody whose content you want to avoid, and the Lists feature allows you to really fragment the different topics you’re interested in to make it easier to keep yourself updated.

We live in a fast-moving world. You likely have many different interests which require you to stay up-to-date somehow. Anything noteworthy soon shows up on Twitter, and the site makes it extremely easy to find the relevant news to your interests.


You can neatly organize your news sources by breaking up different topics using Twitter’s Discover section and the Lists feature. What’s more, you can turn on Notifications for specific accounts and topics, ensuring even further that you don’t miss an update to the topics you follow.

3. Twitter Lets You Be a Part of Different Communities


Humans are social creatures; this is just as true today as it was thousands of years ago. Platforms like Twitter open the doors to you finding your communities regardless of distance in real life. You can meet like-minded people and even maintain your anonymity while doing so.

Feeling a part of a community is healthy to the human mind, and one of the best things about Twitter is that it can facilitate that for you. The platform even allows you to search by location if you want to find a local community.

4. Twitter Is a Great Source for Funny Content

Twitter limited its users to 140 characters for each tweet for the longest time. While Twitter has doubled this limit to 280 characters in recent years, it’s still not a lot, and many users find success on the platform by dropping one-liners and other funny content.

As Twitter allows users to tweet GIFs, photos, and videos, you’ll often find funny tweets that go viral. If you like to relax on social media and blow off steam, then following parody and meme accounts on Twitter can be a great way to do that.

5. Twitter Has Content for All Age Groups

Due to the sheer volume of people with different interests on Twitter, you can be sure that there is content for you regardless of your age. Twitter is quite accessible in this way and stays relevant to everyone, meaning it shouldn’t matter whether you’re a teenager or you’re in your fifties.

Whether it’s sports, entertainment, or business-related news, Twitter will have the community there for it. Just make sure you follow your interests so that your Twitter feed displays relevant content.

6. Learn About New Places and Cultures on Twitter

A monk walking through a field at sunset.

One of the best things about Twitter and social media as a whole is the ability to learn about new places and cultures from all across the globe. You can check in with people through live Twitter Spaces or follow them and stay up to date with their tweets to learn how people on the other side of the world go about their lives.

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On a more somber note, Twitter users from countries where a crisis is happening can often share the actual, unfiltered situation away from mainstream media influence directly to Twitter. This means that you can find out exactly what is happening and stay informed on the most crucial moments across the globe.

7. Learn Niche Skills on Twitter

While there are common criticisms about Twitter facilitating echo chambers, this can be really helpful if you’re trying to learn a new skill. By following various accounts in the same niche, you will be surprised at how much you can learn in a short amount of time.

Typically, creators who have established themselves as part of a niche tend to deliver relevant content that helps other people. In many cases, they share this knowledge to build a personal brand or monetize their Twitter through info products, but this means that you can gain an unlimited amount of information from the accounts within a particular niche.

8. Twitter Is a Place to Showcase Talents Online

Stories like Usher finding Justin Bieber on YouTube show the power of social media in talent scouting. Twitter is the same. There are a lot of eyes on Twitter, and if you have a unique talent, you can showcase that. Maybe it’s a skill in comedic one-liners, or your ability in an instrument, your stunning graphic design creations, whatever it is, you can show off your talent on Twitter.

Many people have built up followings simply by sharing their talents with the world. If you are skilled at something, showing it off to the public can be a great way to build an audience from scratch on Twitter.

9. Twitter Is a Space to Establish Professional Authority

With everybody creating a personal brand or a business these days, the playing field has changed considerably over the past decade. If you’re looking to use social media professionally, Twitter is a great choice, as it can help you establish authority over the niche and industry you’re in.

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By regularly tweeting, engaging, and sharing value, you can build up a reputation that opens up opportunities for you in real life. At the very least, it teaches you how to build and maintain an audience, and allows you to monetize your Twitter account later down the line by selling products to your followers.

Of course, Twitter has its fair share of negatives, just like any other social networking site, but the sheer amount of positive elements make up for it. You can find your place on the platform regardless of whether you’re hoping to use it professionally or personally.

Twitter has stood the test of time in terms of the social media hierarchy, and you should definitely look to set up a professional account if you’re trying to build a brand.

Using Twitter mobile app
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