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Best web productivity hub deal (UK)


Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Start.Me Pro Web Productivity is on sale for £37.06, saving you 51% on list price.

When you open up your web browser, what’s the first thing you do — open up your social media accounts, check your email, or start doomscrolling the news? It feels like the internet is built to distract you. And if you’re logging on to get work done, you’ll likely lose valuable time without the right set up. 

Start.Me is an all-in-one productivity solution for your browser. And a lifetime subscription is on sale for over half off for a limited time, knocking down the price to just £37.06.

Compatible with all browsers, Start.Me lets you personalise your home page and new tab page to work for you. You can eliminate social media, streaming sites, and other distractions if you want, bookmark essential work websites, import bookmarks from your browser, manage your tasks, connect your calendar, and more.

It’s fairly simple to set up because it’s 100% customisable. You can save, import, organise, and access your favourite sites and remove any broken or duplicate links with a single click. Add daily to-dos on the built-in list on the app or integrate your home screen with other services like Google task. Add pre-built news feeds to follow what’s happening in the world — or don’t if it’s too distracting. Embed content from other websites into your startup page, visualise data on your dashboard, show the weather forecast for the day, track your financial information, and so much more without having to search the web. You can even adjust the icons and design your layout to be pleasing to your work style. Check out other people’s Start.Me pages here to get an idea of all the stuff you can customise.

A lifetime subscription to the Start.Me Personal PRO Plan is usually £75, but you can save 51% for a limited time and score best of web pricing at just £37.06.

Credit: Start.Me

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