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Colin Farrell’s down-to-Earth ‘Hot Ones’ interview is a delightful watch


Hot Ones host Sean Evans is very good at what he does, and big credit to the show’s crack team of researchers, too. But when an interview like Colin Farrell comes along, you also see how much of a difference a good guest can make.

This sitdown with The Batman‘s Penguin actor isn’t exactly spilling over with the usual pile of factoids and surprising bits of trivia that Evans often mines as his guests playfully suffer through a gauntlet of fiery hot sauces. But it’s just a good conversation. Farrell comes off as down-to-Earth and engaged in the show’s process. Not only that, he clearly did his research before appearing.

The result is a flowing chat that leaps from topic to topic as Farrell expounds on his process, his tastes as an entertainment consumer, his Irish background, and his views on the acting profession as a whole. He may not remember if Al Pacino actually damaged a car that was used in The Recruit, but by the end of the episode he’s likely someone you’d be thrilled to sit down and chat with over a pint.

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