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Compact ultrasonic cleaner is perfect for travelling


If you are looking for a portable way to clean almost anything you may be interested in the Sonic Soak ultrasonic cleaner, which generates 50,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second to clean almost anything to a microscopic level. The groundbreaking cleaning device is perfect for travelling and can be used to clean laundry, jeweler, fruit, vegetables, hand wash fabrics, glasses and more. Just 4 easy steps you can clean any small to medium-sized subject.

Sonic Soak portable ultrasonic cleaner

Small enough to fit in your luggage or bag the Sonic Soak is the world’s smallest laundry machine and weighs less than 4 ounces and measures less than 5 inches in length making it perfect for travelers. The ultrasonic technology provides a washing system that is gentler than hand washing and perfect for delicate items. It uses 40 x less water and 15 x less energy than a standard washing machine and cleans without any noise enabling you to wash your items overnight ready for the next days adventure.

clean jewellery laundry and more

ultrasonic cleaning can be used for laundry, vegetables and more

The ultrasonic cleaner is capable of eliminating dirt with a 99.9% efficiency and offers the deepest clean on the market, say its creators. “Studies have shown that standard washing machines do not kill enough germs and bacteria, turning your laundry into a living, breathing bacterial soup.

Sonic Soak quickly cleans fruit and vegetables from pesticides and chemical residue that can be toxic to our bodies. “A recent study showed that that 95% of adolescents ages 8-15 had indications of pesticide exposure, when experts say that even low levels of exposure are associated with serious health risk.

portable laundry cleaner for travel

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