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Foo Fighters explain Lionel Richie’s sweary ‘Studio 666’ cameo


We imagine hiring a celebrity to cameo in your movie would typically be a longwinded process involving the input of various agents, managers and publicists. Unless you’re Dave Grohl, that is.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with Foo Fighters, Grohl spoke about the upcoming comedy horror film his band has made, Studio 666, and the cameo they managed to secure from Lionel Richie — which Grohl casually organised himself by dropping the musician a text.

Judging from the clip that’s played, which shows Grohl struggling to write new music before segueing into a rendition of Richie’s famous “Hello”, Richie’s cameo will be a fun one, too.

“That’s my f***ing song,” says an unimpressed Richie, after clamping a hand down on Grohl’s shoulder and making him jump. “That’s my f***ing song, you understand what I’m saying?”

Studio 666 lands in theatres on Feb. 25.

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