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Geologie sets guys up with a custom skincare routine that even they can’t screw up


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TL;DR: As of Jan. 31, a personalized trial with Geologie, a customized skincare service, is available for as low as $20. Plus, users can save up to 40% on a new 30-day subscription.

Guys, ya gotta do better. Case in point — a third of men don’t wash their face on a daily basis. Even more alarmingly, that number jumps to 50 percent among guys under 24 years old.

Oh boy.

Considering findings like those, it’s no wonder that most men have absolutely no idea where to even start with addressing their individual skincare problems. Thankfully, Geologie has a little better handle on the ins and outs of men’s skincare than most men do, offering a carefully formulated set of products that can help every guy enjoy healthy skin without spending hours uncovering the right mix of products on their own.

Because we all know how that would turn out.

With Geologie, users begin with a simple 10-question diagnostic quiz. After answering those questions about their specific skincare problem areas, Geologie gets to work, crafting a set of clinically proven ingredients that not only get right to the heart of each guy’s skin needs, but handle that task with remarkable simplicity.

Arriving on their doorstep, users get a basic 4-product package. Use two — the Everyday Face Wash and the Vital Morning Face Cream — every morning to clean up dead skin, moisturize, and protect for the day ahead. Then use two more — the Repairing Night Cream and the Nourishing Eye Cream — every night to help restore healthy oils and knock out dark eye circles and bags.

From dry or oily skin to blemishes to anti-aging worries, this simple regimen attacks the particular issues that each user faces. Throw in the fact that the entire process is done with 120 seconds in the morning and another 120 seconds at night, and it’s a personally calibrated skincare solution.

Get started with a personalized trial set for as low as $20. With a new 30-day subscription, users can save up to 40% off.

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