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Golf, costumes, and new sport leaks



Nintendo Switch Sports was just released but it is only warming up. The modern-day Wii Sports spiritual successor has already impressed Nintendo fans with nostalgia-induced fun — or a new, unhinged concept for younger fans. However, Nintendo confirmed at least one DLC coming in the fall, which raises the question of if there’s more on the way. Some leaks have been making rounds across the web, and there’s some credibility to them given the truth of the collections coming out and Nintendo’s promise for more content.

Note that leaks are always subject to change, though. Here’s what we know so far about future Nintendo Switch Sports updates.

What new sports are coming to Nintendo Switch Sports?

Nintendo Switch Sports already has seven confirmed sports either already in the game or coming soon. However, if the latest leaks are true, then two more are on the way: basketball and dodgeball.

Most of the leaks come from data-miner Wipeoutjack7, who posted screenshots of the datamined code on Twitter and Reddit. These snippets highlight dodgeball and basketball in the code, which led to the widely spread suspicion that these sports are coming to the game.

Golf, a Wii Sports Resort classic, is coming with an update due out this fall at a yet-to-be-confirmed date. The fact that DLC already exists for this game backs the claim that more could be on the way.

For context, Nintendo Switch Sports already has these six sports in the game:

  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Bowling
  • Soccer
  • Chambara (swordfighting)
  • Tennis

What new costumes are coming to Nintendo Switch Sports?

A sneak peek at the upcoming Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis Collection. Reddit/xoxohan85

Wipeoutjack7 also discovered tentative release dates for Nintendo Switch Sports costume collections. All the dates have been accurate thus far, including the one for the recently released Dark Collection. Here are the rest that could be coming in the near future:

  • #6 Tennis Collection – 5/26
  • #7 Dance Collection – 6/2
  • #8 Robot Collection – 6/9
  • #9 Ice Cream Collection – 6/16
  • #10 Bowling Collection – 6/23
  • #11 Beach Collection – 6/30
  • #12 Ocean Collection – 7/7
  • #13 Volleyball Collection – 7/14
  • #14 Luxury Collection – 7/21

Redditor xoxochan85 shared these images of all the collections, including the Tennis, Bowling, and Luxury collections. Note: The Ocean Collection includes a shark head cosmetic, which adds to anyone who ever wanted to bowl as a fish.

As per the latest leaks, Nintendo Switch Sports currently has 28 collections planned for the future. It’s just that the other half don’t have names yet.

What has Nintendo officially said about future updates for Nintendo Switch Sports?

Honestly, not much. Nintendo already announced that Nintendo Switch Sports would receive DLC content, which is why the leaks have some legitimacy behind them. After all, it wouldn’t make sense for there to be new games if there wasn’t new content confirmed. However, the Golf DLC is the only one confirmed so far. We’ll have to wait to hear more to confirm if dodgeball and basketball are actually coming.

Meanwhile, costume leaks are on point. Collections are coming like clockwork, exactly as described in the leaks.

Nintendo Switch Sports is now available for the Nintendo Switch.


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