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Having a Hard Time Falling Asleep? 8 YouTube Channels for Better Sleep


Some people need absolute silence to fall asleep, while others require the opposite… nature sounds, animal noises, anything other than the quiet.

White noise machines have become abundant on the market, but not all of them are budget-friendly. In comes YouTube to save the day.

So here are some of the best YouTube channels to help you through the night by playing relaxing sounds.

This channel is jam-packed with videos over eight hours long, boasting all sorts of sounds bound to help you fall asleep easier and faster.

The most frequently featured ones include falling rain and thunderstorms. But there are also wildlife ones that have animal noises sprinkled throughout the video library.

Best of all, the videos come with beautiful images, so if you at any point look at the device playing the video, you can see a castle, a forest, a waterfall, or an animal, making it enjoyable for both the eyes and ears.

The videos on this channel revolve mostly around water-based sounds—waterfalls, brooks, rivers, and so on.

You can also find many that feature animal noises, like hoots, growls, and meows, but also wind and even the sound of fire. So, whatever you’re in the mood to listen to, you’re likely to find.

There are also many video lengths available. Some clips are four hours long, while others are eight or ten. So, depending on how you feel, you can choose the proper length for the night.


Maybe you don’t want the sound to go on all night, but just until you drift asleep, and in that case, maybe you could play one of the three-hour videos.

The channel’s videos have all sorts of relaxing sounds. For example, you can listen to snowfall with wind, forest rain, crunching snow, waves, mountain streams, and so on.

You can find videos that are an hour-long or over eight hours. The lengths are extremely versatile, starting from an hour, two, or three, all the way to six, eight, or 10.

However long you need the video to be, you’ll likely find the exact one you need. Also, the images the videos feature are beautiful, most of them being of forests and trees and mountainscapes.

Calmed By Nature is another channel that offers videos of various lengths. You can find clips from an hour-long to over eight hours.

As the name suggests, the sounds revolve around nature. For example, there are brooks, rain, and waves videos, alongside many other ones that offer a certain ambiance.

For example, some you can find include a cozy cabin with rain and fireplace sounds, a tree house with rain, or the spring-themed tulip field with birds.

The images used for the videos only add to the ambiance the sounds are helping to set.

Relaxing Nature Sounds offers videos of a longer length, alongside shorter ones. There are hour-long ones and ones that are less than that. Not to mention, videos that three, six, or over eight hours.

As you might have guessed, the channel features clips of nature-focused sounds. Like, forest birds, waves and waterfalls, and, of course, rain.

There aren’t as many videos uploaded as you can find on other channels, but the ones present offer both beautiful imaging and relaxing sounds.

Browsing TheSilentWatcher video library, again, you’ll find content of various lengths.

There are hour-long videos suited to help you drift to sleep and then let you enjoy the quiet in your slumber. And, there are ones that are over 12 hours, guaranteed to provide background noise while you’re asleep.

The channel also offers a ton of videos in 4K. So, they’re not only grand to listen to but also look at if you feel like sneaking a peek here and there.

The noises featured include anything from animal sounds like birdsong, crickets, and cows, all the way to waves, wind, and rain. So, whatever you’re in the mood for, you’re bound to come across it.

This channel offers a lovely cozy aesthetic. The videos are mainly two, three, or eight hours long and let you enjoy sounds like rainfall, thunder, fireplace crackles, and various water sounds.

Apart from the nature sounds, videos with various instruments are also available, like pianos, flutes, and jazz music. Most of the images featured in the clips are of libraries and woodsy cabins with soft lights, all of which add to the comfy-cozy vibes.

The channel also does two 24/7 live streams you can enjoy at any time for any length.

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This channel offers videos starting from half an hour in length and reaching over 10 hours. So whether it’s a short nap or a whole night’s sleep, there’s a video for you here.

Since the channel centers on helping you sleep, the videos focus on providing the best sounds to help you achieve that.

They’re not necessarily strictly nature, animal, or instrumental sounds, but rather they tend to offer a combination of two or more of these that’s both calming and relaxing and helps you drift off to sleep.

The Merits of a YouTube Premium Subscription

Youtube Premium

There are so many YouTube channels that do the same job as a white noise machine. These offer long videos designed to get you through the night without the help of a machine.

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And thanks to how accessible YouTube is, all you need to fall asleep is your phone, a laptop, a PC, or even a smart TV. However, one major negative of turning to YouTube videos to help you sleep through the night is the ads.

Almost drifting off to sleep only to get startled wide awake thanks to an ad is the absolute worst.

The best way to avoid that is by getting a YouTube Premium subscription. YouTube Premium will set you back $11.99/month, but it’s worth it. At the very least, you’ll avoid the ads.

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If you’re unsure about the cost, you can always give it a shot by taking advantage of the one-month free trial and see if it works out for you.

YouTube Can Help Get You to Sleep At Night

White noise machines are grand, except they are a commitment of sorts. You have to research which one has the sounds that will work for you, invest in it, and hope you enjoy it.

YouTube requires no such commitment, as the channels are freely available. And if the ads are a problem, you can always invest in YouTube Premium.

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