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Firefox 97.0 has launched, and, of course, it comes with some tweaks, as can be expected. In the update you’ll find retired colorway themes, new scrollbars, and more.

This guide will give you the lowdown on the new browser, including what’s new, what’s changed, and what has been fixed.

Mozilla Launches the Firefox 97 Update

Mozilla has launched the Firefox 97 update, which is available for download on the Mozilla website from 8 February 2022.

This is Firefox’s latest version of its free, open-source web browser that works on multiple devices. The browser is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms.

Firefox 97 is a modest upgrade—it doesn’t come with many major changes, although there are a few worth noting, which are aimed at improving the browser.

Mozilla Firefox 97 is free to download on multiple devices—including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android devices. If you’re a Windows or macOS user, you can either upgrade to Firefox 97 directly in-app or on the Microsoft Store.

And if you’re a Linux user, you can download the browser from the Firefox website. If you’re not in a hurry to get the latest version though, you can wait for an official package on your usual software update mechanism.

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What’s New, What Has Changed, and What Has Been Fixed in Firefox 97.0

So, what can you expect to find in the Firefox 97 update?

No More Colorway Themes

The first most noticeable change is that Firefox has retired colorway themes, which were added in Firefox 94. This hardly comes as a surprise, as they were supposed to last for a limited time anyway.

If you remember, Mozilla gave you the option to pick a seasonal color palette for your browser through colorway themes, allowing you to personalize your browser to a color scheme of your choice.

screenshot of firefox website on desktop

The themes will expire automatically when you install Firefox 97 on your device. But not to worry—you have the option of keeping your favorite of the 18 themes by simply enabling it when the feature expires.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to switch to any of the other themes, but at least you’ll get to keep one. Alternatively, you can just keep your favorite colorway theme active when you install Firefox 97 so that you can automatically keep it, as long as you don’t change it.

You can also choose from six new limited-time colorway themes in the “Themes” section of the about:addons.

New Scrollbar Style on Windows 11 Devices

The second notable change is that Firefox now supports the new style of scrollbars on Windows 11.

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The new style makes the browser match the rest of Microsoft’s operating system a little better than before, which gives Windows 11 a more homogenous look and feel. This could make for a more seamless experience on Windows 11.

Other Changes

If you’re a Linux user, you’ll find that you no longer have PostScript printing support, although you will still have the option to use PostScript printers.

And if you’re a macOS user (of macOS 11 or a later version), you might notice the ability to open and switch to new tabs faster in some situations, thanks to improvements to system font loading.

Mozilla also released other minor tweaks and a host of fixes for Firefox 97 in addition to the ones mentioned in this article.

Firefox 97 Is a Minor Update, Not an Overhaul

As you can probably tell by now, Firefox 97 is quite a modest update, with a couple of notable changes, and a few unassuming ones.

This comes as no surprise though—Mozilla is known to update its Firefox browser in increments, which maintains the integrity of the browser.

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