Modern technology gives us many things.

How Congress Blindly Sees the Future of Tech Companies


Technology Disruption will decimate Congress piece by piece

The Inequality of the Questions

Congress is the highest institution of the United States of America. They have the power to control, regulate, and drop any threat that can put their country in jeopardy.

The lines of questions from the Congress has shown how far from the reality of companies and the market, the Congress of the United State of America is right now. And this is very preoccupying.

These people should study more about these important issues. The 4 biggest companies in the world were represented in the Congress. And congressmen and congresswomen were asking about things like:

The Price of Tomorrow

The difficulty with which politicians are keeping up with technological disruption is stark. And this phenomenon is happening all over the world.

The Ultimate Challange

Politicians urgently need to keep up the pace. Or the world is really in trouble.

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