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How Reedsy Can Help You Manage Your Author Admin


Reedsy is your go-to hub for everything you need as a writer. While many of their resources focus on creative work, they also have you covered when it comes to the less-than-exciting administrative tasks that all indie authors eventually face.

Here are three key tasks that Reedsy can make easier. You’ll find useful resources on ISBNs, copyright, and author bios, as well as tips on how to make the most of them.

Sort Out Your Book’s ISBN

Every author today has to decide if they need an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and what kind. It largely depends on their book’s format—printed or digital—and whether they want to circulate it in bookstores and libraries.

There’s a lot more to learn on the matter, so you’ll find Reedsy’s author guide on ISBNs helpful. You’ll learn what ISBNs are, when you need them, how to get your own, and what budget to aim for.

Reedsy Author Guide on ISBN Cost

As Reedsy’s distribution guide suggests, your ISBN affects that side of publishing, as well as marketing, finances, and more.

So, aim for a smart and informed plan that will suit your long-term goals, whether you’re currently writing a book or want to publish several in the future.

If nothing else, careful management keeps unpleasant surprises at bay. Feel free to create monthly planners with Miro, set up banking alerts, or take any other steps to stay on track.


A lot goes into publishing a book, but there’s little more important than protecting your intellectual property. It takes planning, vigilance, and plenty of know-how.

For starters, you can follow Reedsy’s book copyright steps for submitting your manuscript to the US Copyright Office. Copyright can’t ensure no one will try stealing your work, but gives you statutory protection should anyone steal or distribute your work.

There are other ways to manage your copyright admin, from safely filing important documents to flagging up suspicious activity related to your book. Tools like free live website trackers come in handy, for example.

When it comes to copyright, however, base your plan on facts, not hearsay. Reedsy’s registered copyright guide warns against methods like “poor man’s copyright”, which isn’t a legitimate way to protect your intellectual property.

As you evolve as a person and writer, your identity and accomplishments change, which can feed into your author bio, too. This block of text has an important marketing role to play, so your bio should never be a quick afterthought.

Reedsy’s author bio guide is the first thing to explore on the platform. It’ll tell you what to include and why, while sharing handy tips from professional marketers, helping you get it right.

Reedsy Author Bio Guide Tips

With Reedsy’s help, you can learn what details about yourself and your book can make your bio memorable and what makes for a good publicity angle.

Looking at examples of About the Author pages on Reedsy will also help provide the inspiration you need to write a competitive bio.

Keep such insights in mind as you update your author bio every so often to keep your public image fresh.

Reedsy has a range of guides on offer, from articles to videos. In addition to improving your admin management skills, it can teach you everything you need to know about the publishing industry and how to thrive in it.

For more hands-on resources, don’t forget to dive into its marketplace full of freelancers and its book review platform, Discovery.

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