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How to Get New and Unique Third-Party Emojis on Your iPhone



Spice up your emoji game with new options from the Very Necessary Emojis app.

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Emojis are a great way to express unique emotions or have fun with friends over text. While new emojis are sometimes added to Apple’s emoji keyboard, you don’t have to wait to get new emojis. There is a way to get new and unique emojis that your friends might not have right now.

You can get new alien emojis, skeleton hands, a dumpster fire, and more by downloading third-party emojis to your iPhone.

Download Third-Party Emoji Packs in the Messages App Store

The only way to get custom emojis is through third-party apps. While there are tons available, only one option stands above the rest, and that is the Very Necessary Emojis pack. This pack contains tons of fun emojis, with more being added frequently.

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To get this pack, open the Messages app and look for the App Store icon in the toolbar.

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Once here, open the App Store and search for the Very Necessary Emojis pack. Offered at an affordable price, it’s the cheapest and most reliable emoji pack available for sale.

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This is why it’s frequently rated as one of the top paid messenger apps. Other third-party emojis require a subscription, but this one doesn’t.

Download: Very Necessary Emojis ($0.99)

Sending Third-Party Emojis

While sending standard emojis requires using the emoji keyboard, sending emojis from the Very Necessary Emoji pack is a little different. This requires opening the same bar above the keyboard that you found the App Store icon on. Then, scroll over to Very Necessary Emojis.


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Once here, tap the icon and you’ll open up the custom emojis. Then, just tap the one you want to send and send it.

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After that, all you need to do is wait for and enjoy your friends’ reaction. Remember, this app will only work for people who use iMessage.

Impress Your Friends With Custom Emojis

With everyone having the same emojis across all devices, it can be hard to find something different. Luckily, custom emoji packs, like Very Necessary Emojis, are a great way to share something unique with your friends. At an affordable price, it’s the best third-party emoji pack right now.

With tons of new custom emojis, you can find new ways to express yourself and have fun in the process.

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