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How to Install a Smart Padlock


A smart padlock can help you secure your fence gate, bike chain, and more. Unlike a traditional padlock, it includes smart features and easier ways to unlock it.

We’ll highlight more about the technology and show you how to install a smart padlock.

What Is a Smart Padlock and Why Should You Install One?

There are various ways to secure a home with smart technology including smart security alarm systems, smart security cameras, and even glass break sensors.

You can add a smart padlock to your smart home security device lineup for a convenient, portable locking mechanism. A smart padlock is similar to a smart door lock in that you can use your mobile app to control it, but it’s removable, so you can place it wherever you need the security.

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A smart padlock is typically waterproof so that it can be used outside, and you don’t need to carry a key or remember a lock combo. You can use an app to unlock it, or with some padlocks you can use your fingerprint.

Installing Your Smart Padlock

Your smart padlock may have similar installation instructions and processes, which may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. We’ll use the Lametuty padlock as an example for the instructions below.

The first step is to make sure your lock is charged. Many smart padlocks use a USB cable that plugs from a wall socket directly into the lock, and will need at least 40 minutes of charge before initial use.


Install an App for Your Smartphone

Download, install, and open the smart padlock app for your smartphone. You can unlock a Lametuty padlock with either an Apple or Android eSmartLock app. If you don’t already have an account with the app you’re using, you may need to register. This typically includes entering your name and some basic information for your account, such as a username and password for app access.

Log In and Sync Your Padlock With the App

The first time you log in, your app may prompt you to confirm some settings. For example, most apps will use Bluetooth to communicate with the smart padlock, so you likely need to enable Bluetooth.

Your app should take you through some setup steps to sync your lock. You’ll need to make sure your lock is “awake” while the app communicates with it. With the Lametuty padlock, press the square button in the middle until its lights illuminate.

You can tap the add smart lock app button, and your app should search for your lock. Once it discovers the lock, you’ll be able to unlock it by tapping the unlock button.

Adding a Fingerprint to Your Smart Padlock

Your smart padlock should have the ability to store fingerprint information on more than one person. The Lametuty padlock stores up to 15 fingerprints, so you can grant unlock access to 15 of your family members or friends.

Make sure the lock is awake, and tap the app fingerprint add button. Enter a fingerprint name, such as “John’s fingerprint,” and tap to confirm.

When you see the add fingerprint screen, press your fingerprint into the middle square sensor on the lock until the app acknowledges it. You may need to move your finger around several times, so the lock can record the full print. The eSmartLock app will require five different fingerprint impressions.

Once the app has registered your print, the process is complete. To test it, press your finger into the square sensor in the lock middle. The lock should unlock.

Some Additional App Functions

You can customize the padlock name in the app. This is handy if you have more than one smart padlock, maybe one to lock a gate and an additional one to lock a bike chain. You could name one lock “gate lock,” and the other “bike lock.”

The eSmartLock app also includes a historical record. This is handy if more than one user accesses the lock. For example, if you give access to your lawn crew, so they can get through the gate to mow your lawn, you can view the dates and times they used fingerprint access.

Smart and Convenient Security

You may have experienced technology security that is so secure, even you can’t access it. For example, if you can’t remember your password it can be a nightmare. A smart padlock provides security so smart, it should never deny you access to your own lock.

Padlock combos can change or be forgotten. Keys can be lost, and aren’t always with you when you need it. But your fingerprint never changes, and you always have it with you. You should always be able to quickly unlock your padlock.

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