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How to Open and Convert HEIC Images on Android


All images taken with an iPhone camera are saved as HEIC files on iOS 11 or later, rather than the previous format, JPG.

The issue with this new format is that it isn’t universally compatible with other apps or devices. So, you might not be able to open it on your computer or Android phone.

Moreover, most of the native Android apps do not yet support this format. Look no further if you’re seeking an easy solution to open HEIC files on Android and even convert them.

What Are HEIC Files?

HEIC is Apple’s latest version of the HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File) format. You can easily find this new format if you’re using an iPhone or macOS.

In layman’s words, HEIC is a newer file format designed to improve the way you save your photos. This format will reduce the amount of data in your photographs while maintaining good quality.

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A good thing is the new format images are nearly twice as light as JPEGs of similar quality. They are, without a doubt, the future!

How to Open HEIC Files on Android

To open HEIC files on Android, you need an app that provides such functionality and supports this newer file format. For this tutorial and simplicity, we’ll use the popular Google Photos and Files by Google app. Both the apps are free to download from the Google Play Store, or may already be pre-installed on your phone.


Download: Google Photos (Free)

Download: Files by Google (Free)

Open HEIC Files Using Google Photos

People frequently use Google Photos instead of the Android-native gallery app because it comes pre-installed on the home screen of most Android phones.

You can use the Google Photos app to open and even edit HEIC files on your Android phone. Follow the steps below to do so with ease:

  1. Open the Google Photos app and tap on the Library option.
  2. Now, locate the folder where you’ve saved the HEIC file.
  3. Open the folder (Downloads, in our case).
  4. Finally, tap on the image, and you’ll be able to preview it in the app itself.

Above all, an advantage of using Google Photos is that it gives you the option to edit such files without much hassle.

Open HEIC Files Using Files by Google

Files by Google is a powerful file management app. You can easily preview and browse HEIC photos without having to convert them to JPEG or any other format with this app.

To open the HEIC file with Files by Google app, follow the mentioned steps:

  1. If you’re not using a Pixel device, you might need to download and install Files by Google app from the Play Store first.
  2. Open the app and select the folder where you’ve saved the file (Downloads, in our case).
  3. Locate the file and tap on it.
  4. That’s it! You can view any other file format too similarly.

If you haven’t used this amazing file manager before, we recommend you to check out some cool uses for the Files by Google app.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Android

If you’re still unable to view the image properly, the only option left with you is to convert them to a different format. But no worries, converting them is an easy task because there are many free third-party apps that can do the job. HEIC Converter is a simple-to-use app for our purpose, and it gives you more control over your conversion settings.

Download: HEIC Converter (Free)

This is how you convert such files to JPG format once you’ve downloaded and installed HEIC Converter on your phone:

  1. Open the app and tap on the HEIC to JPG option.
  2. Choose a file by tapping on the Select File option, or if you want to convert all the images (with HEIC format) in a folder, use the Select Folder option instead.
  3. Locate the file you want to convert to JPG and tap on the Convert button.
  4. Finally, you can locate the converted image in the app or within the Internal Storage > HEIC To JPG PNG PDF Converter > JPGs folder, which you can find with a file manager.

In case you want to send the converted image to others, you can use the share icon in the My Conversion section. Additionally, if you don’t want to install any third-party app, you can use the HEIC to JPEG Online Converter for free.

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Open HEIC Files With Ease

While working with such files can be inconvenient, consider the fact that they have a purpose. They significantly reduce the size of your photos without sacrificing image quality. So, leaving your photos as HEIC is in your best interests—especially in the long run.

The good news is that there are a few simple solutions to convert your photos to JPG format quickly and easily. We’ve already mentioned some hassle-free solutions for viewing HEIC images on your Android for your ease.

Can’t Open HEIC Files on Windows? Here’s How to Fix It

If you’re struggling to open a HEIC file on Windows 10, here’s how you fix once and for all.

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