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How to Recover iPhone Notes That Have Disappeared


Many of us use the iPhone’s Notes app for many things. The Notes app is great for shopping lists, reminders, and even setting goals. For this reason, it can be worrying if your iPhone notes have disappeared for no reason. After all, what if you forget to do something important?

Have your iPhone notes disappeared? If so, you aren’t alone. This is a common problem that can occur when you delete an email account on your device or delete a notes folder. Need to know how to restore notes on your iPhone? We’ll show you how below.

1. iPhone Notes Disappeared? The Search Feature Might Help

Before you begin recovering notes, you might want to do a quick search in the Notes app to make sure the notes weren’t deleted or put in another folder. To conduct a search, head to the Notes app and search for your note or a keyword at the top.

notes search iphone

The search feature searches every folder in the Notes app as well as all the deleted notes. It also searches for keywords in each note to make sure that the name of the note didn’t change. Doing this before you begin looking to recover lost notes can save you a lot of time.

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If you found your notes, that’s great. If not, that means the notes have disappeared from your iPhone. Luckily, there are options that will help you recover them.

2. Check for Missing iPhone Notes on iCloud

If you recently removed an email account from your device, you may have deleted an entire folder of notes in the process. However, this doesn’t mean that those notes are lost forever. You can potentially recover them through the cloud.


To check for an iCloud backup, you can go to the iCloud website on your desktop and sign in. Once signed in, head to Notes and see if your missing notes are there. If you recently deleted a note on your iPhone, do this as soon as possible. The iCloud folder takes a bit longer to back up and there’s a chance the note could still be in there.

You can also conduct a search in iCloud as sometimes you might see it there and not on your iPhone.

3. Find Deleted iPhone Notes Through Your Email

If you removed an email from your account, deleted some notes permanently, or can’t seem to find your missing notes any other way, there is one more option. If you have an email account on your device connected to the Notes app, you can find copies of your notes in your email.

To check if your notes and email are connected, head to Settings > Mail > Accounts. Once here, tap on your email and if connected, you’ll see Notes enabled.

mail notes enabled

If it’s not enabled, then enable it to see if this brings the notes back. You can also add your previous emails to the Mail app and enable notes for those accounts too. If you previously had Notes enabled, no matter how long ago, this will recover the notes that disappeared when you removed that email account from your iPhone.

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Once you add these accounts and enable notes, head to the Notes app, and you’ll see a folder of the notes from your email. Here, you will see all of your previously disappeared notes.

gmail missing notes

Need to Recover Notes on iPhone? It’s Possible.

If your iPhone notes have disappeared, it’s possible for you to recover the notes. Missing a note can be anxiety-provoking at first, as you won’t know if you’re missing something important. But you can recover these notes using the variety of methods above. Hopefully, you can recover your notes and won’t have to worry about notes disappearing again.

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