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How to Restore Typora Drafts


For writers in the digital age, markdown editors can be incredibly useful to visualize your work before it gets sent off for publishing. One popular tool that many writers use is Typora.

Using Typora, writers can easily write articles in a distraction-free environment. However, like all text editing tools, it is possible to accidentally lose your drafts. Thankfully, Typora lets you restore drafts of different kinds.

There are three types of drafts you can restore on Typora: saved, unsaved, and untitled. Here’s how to restore each one.

How to Restore Last Saved Draft on Typora

There are plenty of reasons why Typora can be your favorite markdown editor, which includes the ease of restoring saved files. If you’ve gone around in circles trying to fix a piece, but still prefer your last saved version, here’s how to quickly restore it on Mac.

  1. Open Typora app.
  2. Click File.
  3. Select Revert to.
    Typora Last Saved Draft
  4. If you want to restore the last saved version, click Last Saved Version. Typora will note the date and time of your last saved file for your reference.

However, if you realize that you still prefer an earlier version of your text, there is a way to restore that too.

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For Windows and Linux users, Typora will put recently used files and folders on your jump list. To open a previously saved file, simply select the file name under the Recent section.

How to Restore Other Versions of a Saved Draft on Typora

When it comes to writing, the final output can look very different from your original draft. As you dive into more research, critical changes in your outline can affect the cohesiveness of your work. For this reason, you may want to return to an earlier version, wherein you can rewrite your piece with more clarity.


To recover previous versions of a saved Typora draft, you can use the version control feature. Here’s how to use version control on Mac:

  1. Open Typora app.
  2. Click File.
  3. Select Revert to.
    Typora Browse All Versions on Mac
  4. Select Browse All Versions.
  5. Then, scroll through the different versions of the draft. Typora will show a screen wherein you can easily browse through all the text.
    Typora Version Control Features
  6. Once you found the version you are happy with, click Restore.

For Windows users, it is still possible to use version control on a system level. To accomplish this, you need to set up your file history backup feature.

How to Restore Untitled & Unsaved Drafts on Typora

For the lazy or the unlucky people who have neither saved nor added a title to their text, Typora also lets you retrieve untitled drafts of your text.

How to Restore Untitled Drafts on Typora for Mac

To find the library folder and restore untitled Typora drafts on Mac, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Finder app.
  2. Click Go.
    Mac Finder App Go Tab
  3. Select Go to Folder.
  4. On the search bar, type ~/Library/Autosave Information.
    Mac Finder App - Go to Folder
  5. Click the untitled draft that you want to restore.
    Unsaved Typora Drafts in Mac Library Folder

How to Restore Untitled Drafts on Typora for Windows or Linux

Whether you have enabled the autosave feature on Typora for your Windows or Linux device, you can still recover unsaved drafts. Here’s how.

  1. Go to the Menu tab.
  2. Click Preferences.
  3. Under Save & Recover, select Recover Unsaved Drafts.

When searching for an unnamed draft on Windows, the default naming convention is {date}-{filename}.md.

Because it is untitled, the file name for an unsaved document will either be untitled, the first heading, or the first sentence.

Don’t Lose Your Typora Drafts

While Typora allows users to restore unsaved and untitled drafts, it may not always work the way you want to it. For example, the version on Typora’s automatic saved drafts may not be the one that you need.

For this reason, it’s still good to not completely trust the auto-saving features. To protect yourself from any accidental losses, it is best to intermittently save your work while you are writing.

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