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How to Turn Off Driving Mode on Your iPhone


Sometimes Driving mode on your iPhone turns on when you don’t need it. Here’s how to turn off Driving mode when that happens.

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Driving mode, or Driving Focus, is an incredibly helpful feature for iPhone users. It detects when you’re driving, and silences all notifications. You can also automatically send a text to someone to notify them you’re driving. This can keep you distraction-free and focused on the trip ahead.

But if you have Bluetooth connectivity in your car, you might not need Driving mode. Driving mode also isn’t helpful if you carpool or take the bus, as Driving mode will activate when you’re a passenger, too.

If you need to turn off Driving mode on your iPhone, here’s how.

Temporarily Disable Driving Mode in Control Center

If you just need to disable Driving mode for a single trip, the easiest way to do it is to open Control Center and tap the Driving button that should appear there. Then tap Driving again to disable it until your next car ride.

Of course, this isn’t a massive help if you want to permanently disable Driving mode on your iPhone so that it never turns on again. Follow the steps below for that.

Turn Off Driving Mode in Your Settings

To permanently turn off Driving mode, you’ll first need to head to your Settings app.

Once here, scroll down and look for Focus. Tap here to open up the settings for Driving mode and all of your other do not disturb features.

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To turn off Driving mode, tap Driving and then toggle it to off. This will stop Driving mode from activating when you start driving. You can also change your settings to turn Driving mode on manually instead of automatically.

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You can also delete Driving mode by scrolling down and selecting Delete Focus. This will delete the Driving setting from your phone. You can always add it back later if needed.

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Should You Disable Driving Mode?

Driving mode is helpful as it automatically detects when you drive and silences notifications. While this is helpful, many cars have hands-free Bluetooth features, so this might not be necessary. Many people who ride in cars with others also won’t need Driving mode activated, as they aren’t driving.

However, if you find yourself getting distracted on the road, Driving mode could save you a ticket or an accident if you have it activated. Either way, knowing how to activate and deactivate Driving mode is useful, so you can customize your iPhone to fit your lifestyle.

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