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How Using TextMagic Will Boost Your Business Comms and Marketing Productivity


If you run a small to medium business, then you’ll know all too well that your customers drive your success. By extension, then, you’ll also understand the importance of communication with your loyal customer base, whether you have a new product about to launch, or you have a discount you want your faithful following to know about.

So what is a great way to beam your news directly into the hands of your clientele? Via text message (SMS) directly to their phone, of course. And TextMagic can help you do that. Here’s how.

What Is TextMagic?

In the simplest of terms, TextMagic is a text message marketing service. What does this mean? Essentially, it means you can send texts, en masse, to every single one of your clients or customers, all at the same time.

The platform offers a simple interface and numerous tools to assist in sending out marketing material to your clientele. If text message marketing is missing from your portfolio of current promotion funnels, then you need to bring it into the fold, especially with the convenience that TextMagic brings.

You can access TextMagic via your desktop web browser and the desktop app, your smartphone browser (even more convenience), or via the dedicated, free, smartphone app, available on Android and iOS. This instant access is imperative if you need to communicate with your customers on the fly.


Rather than run a subscription model, you buy prepaid credit. You pay $0.04 per text credit (up to 10,000 messages), with the option to bulk buy, should you require this feature. Your account is free to set up and covers one user. So, 10,000 messages will cost you $400 per month, which is great considering the opportunities it could open up.

If you send over 10,000 messages a month, then you can also benefit from the TextMagic Enterprise plan, which offers additional features such as custom pricing per text message, unlimited users, and premium support.

Here are six ways TextMagic can help elevate your marketing processes to dizzy new heights.

1. A Simple User Interface

textmagic landing page

As a business owner, there is nothing worse than dealing with labyrinthine platforms that confuse even the most seasoned of digital practitioners. This is what makes TextMagic such an excellent platform. The UI is minimal and intuitive. TextMagic labels everything clearly, so you know where you need to go in order to complete tasks.

As soon as you log into your account, you’re greeted with the most important tool you need; the New text message pane. No searching through hard-to-navigate menus to get the job done; it is right there when you sign in. From here you can access the other tools at your disposal via the handy menu next to the new message fields.

This is great if you decide to run a last-minute flash sale and want to alert your customer base straight away. Hop onto your browser or the dedicated app and get sending!

2. TextMagic Has a High Delivery Success Rate

An illustration of contacts organization for networking

OK, so you have decided you need to traverse the text-message marketing landscape. But the service you choose needs to be a reliable one. Sure, accidents happen and messages fail to send; we see that a lot when we send personal text messages.

TextMagic, fortunately, has a very robust 98.4% delivery rate. This is an impressive statistic, particularly when you consider TextMagic processes over 200 million text messages a year. Even more impressive when you think about uncontrollable external variables that can limit text message delivery, such as adverse weather.

So, you can send text messages with confidence, knowing that it is highly unlikely you run into any problems.

3. You Can Schedule Your Text Messages

textmagic scheduling page

As a business owner, you’ll know when is the best time to strike with customized customer contact. Say, for example, you run a pet supply retail business. You’ll know that April 11th is National Pet Day in the US, and you’ll want to make the most of the opportunity while people are celebrating their pets.

So, you schedule a series of texts leading up to April 11th. First, to notify your customers that you have multiple sales on pet products coming up, then a reminder on the day, perhaps with some flash sale information.

The point is, allowing you to schedule your text messages in this way enables you to plan a full year of text message marketing. Just spend a day with your diary and figure out those moments that will present the most opportunity for connecting with customers and converting those sales.

With everything planned and in place, you have just streamlined your marketing strategy, allowing you to attend to other time-consuming tasks.

4. You Can Create Text Message Templates

textmagic message template page

To pull even more convenience out of the TextMagic top hat, you also have the option to create text message templates. These can be as simple as “SALE NOW ON!” with a link to your website’s landing page, or a reminder for customers to sign up for a course you are leading, with a link to the sign-up page.

The beauty of this is these templates are completely customizable. You can add blank fields such as First Name and Surname, which populate with your clients’ details when you select the template and the users you are sending to.

This way, a pre-written text message is simply a thumb-tap or left-click away. Plus, you don’t need to scour your contact list for customer details. This is all automated by TextMagic, filling customer details in on your behalf. Now you can spend the time you save focussing on other areas of your business.

textmagic contacts page

Your contact list doesn’t have to be a single, long list of your contacts. It is prudent for you to group your contacts, so you can send text messages to the right people straight away. TextMagic allows you to do this, and you can build multiple lists depending on what you need. You can even place contacts in multiple lists.

For example, if you have a premium membership for a service you provide, then it is useful to create a group with just your premium members in it. That way, if you are running a special promotion for said premium customers, you can access them with a quick click, directly from the new message page.

So, no more trawling your contacts for the right recipients. They’re already there in a handy group, and this helps you keep your text messaging organized, ensuring you don’t waste message credits by texting the wrong customers.

6. You Have Access to Marketing Reports

textmagic report overview page

If you want to know how your text message marketing strategy is performing, then you will be happy to know that TextMagic has a comprehensive report suite, which allows you to monitor the metrics associated with sending messages.

You can gain access to a general overview of your reporting, with several metrics available at a glance from the first report page. From here, you can drill down into message statistics such as reply rate, messages sent and received, and you can check out statements, so you know how much you are spending on your text message marketing each month.

This offers full transparency, allowing you to invest in your text message marketing strategy with full confidence.

Use TextMagic to Increase Your Marketing Prowess

As you can see, TextMagic makes the world of text message marketing simple. You can schedule messages, group your contacts, and create message templates. These factors not only improve your marketing capabilities but, thanks to their convenience, they allow you to become productive in other areas of your business, thanks to the time you’ll save.

Text messaging is an excellent method to communicate with your customer quickly and effectively, and to the device that is never far away from their reach; their smartphone.

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