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HYTE keeb SR65 65% mechanical keyboard from $350


At CES 2020 this week HYTE has unveiled their new keyboard in the form of the keeb SR65 offering a custom mechanical keyboard design created for both keyboard enthusiasts and gamers offering a 65% form factor. The keeb SR65 will feature a limited production run of just 1,000 unit offering a 5-pin hot-swappable PCB for future keyboard modifications and wider keyboard switch compatibility.

The fully loaded HYTE keeb SR65 mechanical keyboard will be available to preorder from January 14th onwards throughout the United States and Canada with a starting price of $400. The barebones HYTE keeb SR65 will be available to preorder on the same day priced at $350 with shipping expected to take place during May 2022 for both keyboards. check out the video below for a quick overview of what you can expect from the unique keyboard

HYTE keeb SR65 custom mechanical keyboard

“Housed in a frosted polycarbonate base with a bead blasted satin silver aluminium top case, the keeb will come fully loaded with Durock V2 Gold Wire Stabilizers and the choice between three Durock switch variants: Linear ‘Pink’ (65 g bottom out), Linear ‘Yellow’ (55 g bottom out), and Tactile ‘Teal’ T1 (67 g bottom out). A barebones version of the keeb SR65 will also be made available to customers who want to take advantage of using their own switches, keycaps and stabilizers. To further enhance the user experience, keeb will come standard with an all-new suspended gasket mount for improved typing sound and feel.”

HYTE keeb SR65 mechanical keyboard

“With 138 RGB LEDs illuminating each key, as well as surrounding the perimeter of the keeb SR65, customers will experience immersive light shows diffused through the frosted polycarbonate base and projected on the desktop surface. By utilizing the AI-driven HYTE nexus software, users will be able to sync the keeb to computer screens, wallpaper animations, and music. HYTE nexus was trained with over 1,000 songs, and continues to be developed with additional musical varieties, to optimize the RGB lighting results and best represent the music that is being played.”

Source : HYTE

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