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Jennifer Lopez and Maluma are performing a ‘Marry Me’ promotional concert as Bitmojis in the metaverse


Everyone knows it’s J.Lo’s world, and we’re just livin’ in it. But apparently, it’s also J.Lo’s metaverse.

The release of the rom-com Marry Me is coming soon, and targeted ads have already been feeding me trailers, sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes interviews, and songs. On Thursday, the promotional campaign will reach peak intensity, as Jennifer Lopez and co-star Maluma put on a promotional concert befitting these extremely weird times: It will be virtual, and the legendary J.Lo and Latin trap king Maluma will perform as Bitmoji avatars of their movie characters.

Ah, romance!

Sneak peeks of Bitmoji J.Lo and Maluma look, how can we put this, a little freaky? But sorry, I still want to hear this duet even if it comes out of the mouths of animated heads that are way too big for their lil animated bodies.

The audience will of course be virtual, too. You can attend just by clicking on the Marry Me Virtual Concert link, where you’ll be able to watch the show. But if you sign in with Snapchat, your Bitmoji will become a part of the crowd (Snapchat owns Bitmoji). 

Does your Bitmoji have its concert outfit ready?
Credit: Snap, Inc.

Once you sign in with Snapchat, you’ll see your avatar boogying with other fans. There are a number of interactive effects you can set off, which is the whole fun of a metaverse concert — as opposed to just watching an animated movie of your favorite pop stars, you can actually participate in the show as a member of the crowd. You’ll be able to dance, start the wave, release doves and lasers, and more. Umm, sounds like now is a pretty good time to update my Bitmoji’s wardrobe!

Especially during the pandemic, metaverse concerts became an increasingly popular way for artists to perform. Fans lost their minds over Travis Scott and Ariana Grande concerts in Fortnite, and Lil’ Nas X’s new single debut in Roblox. While Fortnite and Roblox are gaming platforms, the company hosting the Marry Me concert, Oz, is specifically for interactive live streams like this one.

The concept might sound a bit baffling for anyone who has been to a live concert and knows the rush that is belting the lyrics to your favorite song in a mass of humanity. But we have faith that J.Lo and Marry Me — a film that clearly was formulated in a lab dedicated to producing the scientifically perfect RomCom — can make this work. Love is in the (virtual) air!

You can tune in to the Marry Me concert on Thursday, February 3 at 5pm PST / 8pm EST.

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