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Julia Garner explained her unusual ‘Inventing Anna’ accent to Jimmy Fallon


Ozark actor Julia Garner dropped by The Tonight Show to demonstrate the accent she used to play the titular Anna Delvey in upcoming Netflix series Inventing Anna. Speaking to host Jimmy Fallon, Garner stated that the unconventional mix of different accents was “probably the hardest accent [she’d] ever done.”

“This is a girl who is saying that she’s German but she’s really Russian, so she’s not gonna have a Russian accent,” said Garner, shifting her accent as she spoke. “So first I had to do like a European, like a German accent, right, you know? But it’s very subtle, it’s like, you know, have a vocal fry at the end of it, whatever, right? 

“And then you know I had to add like some little Russian for certain words, it was a very bad Russian accent… And then it gets Americanised, because you know how Americans kind of add a question at the end of everything, like, you know what I mean? Like, Europeans don’t do that, right?”

Garner also recounted being grilled by the real Delvey on her portrayal, which she said “got really meta”.

Inventing Anna lands on Netflix Feb. 11.

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