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Liam Neeson actually does a pretty good Blue Steel


Liam Neeson showed off his Blue Steel on Tuesday, proving that if he ever tires of acting he could probably make a successful pivot to modelling.

For the uninitiated, Blue Steel is the famous pose Ben Stiller’s titular male model frequently pulls in the 2001 comedy Zoolander. Speaking to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, Neeson said that he loved the film and pulls the ridiculous pose “all the time.” In fact, it may have helped win him a few friends.

“I was doing a film with Chris Hemsworth two or three years ago,” said Neeson. “And we had to pose for a couple of photographs, and I said my usual line, I said, ‘Okay, they got that. Let’s do a Blue Steel.’ And Chris went, ‘I’m going to do a Magnum.'”

Magnum is the same pose.

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