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Material You Is Coming to Most Android 12 Phones, But We Don’t Know When


Dynamic themes are heading to a wide range of Android 12 smartphones from different brands, not just Galaxy and Pixel handsets.

material you on five different android smartphones

Google has announced that its Material You dynamic themes—currently only available on Pixel and a handful of Samsung handsets—are coming to a selection of other Android smartphones in the near future, confirming multiple brands it has on board to join in the color coordinating fun.

Material You Coming to Seven Additional Smartphone Brands

In an official Android Developers blog post, Google has announced that it is to share Material You across a range of Android smartphone brands, rather than limiting it solely to Google Pixel handsets.

In the blog, Google says:

We’re excited to announce that Material You, specifically dynamic color, will soon be available on more Android 12 phones globally, including devices by Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, realme, Xiaomi, Tecno, and more!

That is seven different brands that the personalization feature will roll out to. As yet, we don’t know when the feature will appear on non-Pixel smartphones, but Google has confirmed it, so it must be gospel, right? Note that this is only available on selected handsets running Android 12.

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Which Handsets Will Get Material You?

Image Credit: Samsung

Currently, we only know of five additional smartphone models that will receive the feature. Sure, Google mentions seven brands (and counting, apparently) but only five handsets. This information comes from an image in the blog post linked above.

So, which phones are we talking, here? Well, great news if you’re currently riding the Samsung Galaxy S22 wave; Google has confirmed that Samsung’s new flagship will get Material You. Alongside it, we have mention of the OnePlus 9 Pro, OPPO Find X3 Pro, Vivo iQOO 7 Legend, and the Xiaomi Mi 11.

Not a massive giveaway, but enough to tease owners of the confirmed handsets.


What Is Material You?

Material You is a design system that allows Android smartphone owners to personalize their handset with different colored themes. However, the difference here is Material You takes the predominant colors and tones from your phone wallpaper, and applies those to your overall theme.

So, things like your quick view menu icons, or your volume slider, will have similar colored backgrounds to the hues in your wallpaper. Thus, you can customize your entire phone in colors personal to you.

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An Exciting Announcement From Google

This news will no doubt delight Android fans and owners of (some) Android 12 smartphones. Customizing your smartphone takes it from being the same as everyone else’s handset, to being something you can call your own.

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