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Microsoft Edge Will Soon Take Over


Microsoft’s web browser is on the verge of surpassing Safari as the second-most used browser in the world.

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Ever since Microsoft upgraded its Edge browser, it has been putting up some serious numbers. And those numbers just got a little more intense, as Edge is threatening Safari’s second-place spot to become Chrome’s main competitor.

Microsoft Edge vs Safari: The Fight for Second Place

Safari on Web Browser

As reported on Windows Central, Microsoft Edge’s statistics are looking fantastic on Statcounter. In case you’re unsure as to what that is, Statcounter is the best tool on the internet for gauging what browsers people use, and which devices they browse on.

Windows Central noticed that, after Statcounter’s last report. Microsoft Edge is making serious gains on Safari. This is due to more people using Microsoft Edge as Safari’s user base begins to shrivel up.

Microsoft Edge has had an excellent year. In February 2021, 8.1% of the global online market used Edge to browse. And now, in February 2022, that number has jumped up to 9.56%.

On Safari’s side, things are looking a little bleak. It enjoyed a 10.27% share of the global userbase back in February 2021, but that has shrunk down to 9.75% for February 2022: just 0.19% ahead of Edge.

If current trends continue (and there’s no reason to assume they won’t) Microsoft Edge will surpass Safari as the number two browser on the market. At that point, Edge will have the lofty goal of dethroning Chrome; a fight it may never win, but it’ll definitely try to regardless.


Microsoft Regains Its Edge in the Browser Market

This success story has been a long time coming for Microsoft. Ever since Microsoft Edge was reborn as a Chromium-based browser, people have not only flocked to the new browser but stuck around for the foreseeable future.

However, there is another potential reason for Edge’s strong showing. Windows 10 and 11 have been very aggressive with marketing Edge, to the point where it forces its users to open certain links in Edge.

Microsoft Edge will also throw a tantrum when you use it to search for another browser. It’ll warn people downloading competitors’ products that Edge is the best choice for Windows, and while it never stops you outright from downloading your favorite browser, it definitely does its work trying to shame you into staying.

As such, it’s unclear if Statcounter’s recordings are due to people legitimately enjoying Edge, or being strong-armed into using it by Windows 10 and 11. Either way, seizing second place is bound to make the people at Microsoft very happy.

Today, Safari; Tomorrow, Chrome?

With Microsoft Edge slipping into second place, Safari is about to settle with bronze as it’s shunted down. We’ll have to see if Microsoft Edge has what it takes to take on the internet colossus that is Google Chrome, and what Microsoft will try to make this dream a reality.

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