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More Lenovo Legion Y90 Specs Have Been Leaked, and We’re Interested


Lenovo’s forthcoming gaming phone seemingly has some serious chops, if we are to believe the latest specs leak.

lenovo legion y90 gaming phone

It looks like those hoping to buy Lenovo’s Legion Y90 gaming smartphone will be in for a treat. Lenovo has leaked details of the handset, namely the technical specifications, and it appears the device is going to wow the public when it finally hits the shelves.

Lenovo Leaks Legion Y90 Specs

According to a report on, Lenovo’s product director has leaked details of the rumored Legion Y90 gaming phone. In two posts to Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo, the company official (who goes by the name of Lin Lin on the platform) has seemingly shared two screenshots from the device, which illustrate a multitude of device specs.

So, what information can we glean from the screenshots? Check this out for size…

  • Snapdragon 8.1 processor
  • 640 GB storage
  • 18 GB + 4 GB RAM
  • AMOLED screen with 144 Hz refresh rate
  • Huge 5600 mAh battery with 65W quick charge
  • Proprietary ZUI OS
  • Dolby Atmos integration

For now, that is all we’re getting in terms of specs, but you have to admit that this looks like quite the gaming smartphone. And one primed to take the mobile gaming landscape by storm.

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What Competition Does the Legion Y90 Face?

black shark 4 gaming smartphone
Image Credit: Blackshark

Dedicated gaming smartphones are still pretty thin on the ground. Which is kinda surprising, considering the fact that mobile gaming is very much exploding as we write this report. However, the Legion Y90 does have some competition.


ASUS, of course, has its ROG Phone 5, which it designs specifically with mobile gaming in mind. Likewise, the Nubia Red Magic 5G is also a contender for the crown. The Black Shark 4 from Xiaomi also takes some beating.

Whether Lenovo’s device can hop to that top spot remains to be seen, but the competition is certainly there, if not a little scant.

Are You Looking Forward to the Legion Y90?

If so, you may have to wait for a while yet. We still have no release date details, but we can’t see it being long before those details come to light. Could it be that the Legion Y90 blows the Black Shark 4 out of the water? We’ll have to wait and see… with bated breath.

black shark 4 featured image
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