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Netflix’s ‘All of Us Are Dead’ trailer sees high school students fight to survive a zombie outbreak


The first action-packed trailer for South Korean zombie series All of Us Are Dead has arrived, showcasing brutal action, terrifyingly fast zombies, and one more reason to be afraid of crowds.

Based on the 2009 webtoon of the same name, Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead follows a group of teenagers forced to fight for their lives after their high school becomes the site of a horrific virus outbreak. These aren’t your classic lurching undead either, looking much closer to the tsunamis of bodies seen in films like Train to Busan. Zombies are already bad enough, but they seem practically demonic when crawling after their victims at top speed.

There’s an excellent chance All of Us Are Dead will be just as emotionally devastating as Train to Busan was as well, so prepare yourself. It’s practically guaranteed that not all the kids will make it out this series alive — if anyone does at all.

All of Us Are Dead arrives Jan. 28 on Netflix.

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