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obé has over 7,000 live and on-demand fitness classes


Hello, internet friends! I recently box-jumped so high at the opportunity to try out obé, a boutique-style live and on-demand fitness platform, as a way to get my workout game back on track.

Let’s give some backstory. You see, back in the day, I had my fitness routine running like clockwork. A mixture of long runs around Austin’s hike-and-bike trail, pilates classes during work lunches, and group fitness classes after work kept me busy and fit.

Then, just at the peak of my fitness routine game, I moved halfway across the country back to my hometown. Cue losing my clockwork fitness routine — and, when the pandemic hit, cue losing access to new fitness studios and gyms. 

Not only did I lose my fitness routine, I lost all motivation to regain one. I tried to get back in the game, but it felt like every time I took one step forward, I’d move two steps back. I’d sign up for races and start training, only to have them canceled. I’d try out (and love) a new studio, but the class times wouldn’t fit within my work schedule — or the classes were so intimidating, I was too scared to ever go back. 

Enter obé, the exact motivation train I needed to kickstart my new fitness routine. Trust me, you’ll never feel more proud of your #SweatySelfie. Here’s why: 

No excuses

Before I even took my first class, I was wowed by the daily live schedule and 7,000+ on-demand class options available to me. The class variety — HIIT, sculpt, dance, yoga, meditation, ride, and more — is next level. You name it, obé likely has it. What’s even better? You don’t have to join a million different studios or apps. And while the class options alone are enough to win me over, add in the additional filters like varying fitness levels, class lengths, or level of impact, and I’m sold. I also loved how easily it integrated with my calendar, so I could plan my workout week in minutes or jump into a live class when it worked with my schedule.

So let’s check those “it’s too hard” or “it doesn’t work with my schedule” excuses at the door, shall we?

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It’s an open arms environment

Like I said, I’ve tried studios and fitness classes that can feel a bit intimidating, and it’s not a fun workout environment. obé has “Welcome Party” classes where instructors lead beginner-friendly workouts to new members — giving them a tour of the platform and an inside scoop on how to find the right classes for them. I found these to be great options for familiarizing myself on the platform and laying the foundation of my new routine. 

Plus, if you’re the type of person who thrives on structure or just getting started on your fitness journey – you go Glen Coco! – I encourage you to check out their training programs. Whether you’re trying to get stronger, leaner, or more flexible, these curated, progressive workouts make it easy to focus on the results you want and help you build a balanced workout routine. With options for strength, cardio, or yoga lovers, you’ll unlock classes as you advance through the program. 

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Tough stuff

So, how were the actual classes? Let’s just say I earned my #SweatySelfie. For variety’s sake, I opted to try three classes — a 20-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT), 28-minute sculpt, and 32-minute slow flow yoga. 

The HIIT class consisted of four four-minute rounds that ended with burpees, so need I say more? The sculpt class had my whole body shaking with five minutes of dedicated band work on each leg. I dare you to level up and grab the heaviest resistance band. The slow flow yin yoga on-demand was the perfect way to stretch out those sore muscles and release tension after a long week of work.

It should be no surprise that all of the obé instructors are rockstar athletes, with different certifications and class specializations to deliver you the best and most rewarding workout. But what makes it more fun is that they’re also Broadway actors, Rockettes dancers, stand-up comedians, and world-class entertainers. In other words, the instructors are encouraging, upbeat, and definitely empowered me to give it my all!

All in all, I’d say obé was just the ticket I needed to get my motivation back, for good. With over 7,000 classes to choose from, 20+ class types to try, and a community to keep me accountable, I’m ready to get back into my fitness routine once and for all. 

Join me and the obé fam by signing up for your free trial today.

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