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Practical Programming guide featured in MagPi issue 114


If you would like to learn more about practical programming on the Raspberry Pi mini PC and Linux operating system, you’ll be pleased to know that the team at the Raspberry Pi Foundation has you covered in the latest official MagPi magazine issue 114. Start building your very own applications, games, projects and devices using code and hacks to help you get started. “So don’t delay! Boost your programming skills and start making practical projects.

Practical Programming guide

Learn Raspberry Pi programming

“It’s time to shake off winter and get ready for a year of digital making. The February edition of The MagPi magazine has two incredible features: Practical Programming & Maker Tools For All Ages. In the first, you’ll learn how to use code in practical ways to control your projects, and in the second you’ll set up a maker studio where your makes come to life. Learn Practical Programming in the latest edition of The MagPi magazine and start making apps, games and devices. A smattering of code is the most vital tool a modern maker can have. So don’t delay! Boost your programming skills and start making practical projects.”

“As we get into 2022 it’s time to rediscover a love of code. Learning to program is fun for its own sake, and we think it’s the best way to improve your mind. Take code to the next level by putting it to use in a practical way. Practical Programming is designed to explain the basics of code with Raspberry Pi and help you learn to develop skills and put them to use in your projects. A maker space is a place where you focus on building all kinds of things. Not everybody has a shed, but this feature will help you turn a spot in your home into a maker location. You then furnish it with the tools you need to make all manner of projects. Rob walks us through tools that are safe for younger and older makers alike.”

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