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Reset your Apple ID password


If you have forgotten, lost or would simply like to change or reset your Apple ID password. This quick guide will take you through the process of changing your Apple ID. If you use Mac computers or Apple devices the Apple ID is a very important part of the authentication method used by Apple to help keep your iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple devices secure. Your Apple ID contains personal information and settings and helps all your devices synchronize your iCloud photos, messages, contacts and application data.

Keeping your main Apple ID password safe should be a priority but unfortunately sometimes it’s easy to forget the password you use when setting up perhaps your first iPhone or iPad. Don’t worry this guide will show you how to carry out an Apple ID password reset allowing you to change your login if you have forgotten. It is also worth remembering that after you have reset your password, you will need to update it on every device and Apple service that you’re signed into or the connection will be lost.

Resetting your password without a recovery key

If you would like to change and update the password for your account you can do this easily by going to the “Settings” application on your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch. Select your name at the top of the page and then enter the “Password & Security” section.

How to reset your Apple ID password

Select the option to “Change Password” and enter your current password or device passcode. Then enter your new Apple ID password,  to finalize the update process press “Change Password“. You can then sign in with your new password on all your devices. But remember you will need to update it to access services on your other Apple devices as well.

Changing your password on Mac computers

To change your Apple ID password on your iMac or MacBook computer, simply click on the Apple icon in the top left-hand corner of your computer screen, from the drop-down list select “System Preferences” and click on your Apple ID icon to the right of your name and photo. Select “Password & Security” from the menu on the left-hand side of the window underneath your photograph and name, and then click “Change Password”. Apple will then prompt you to unlock your Mac.

Older Mac Computers

If you are using a Mac computer running the macOS Mojave operating system or earlier you will need to click on “Security” and then “Reset Password” and once again you will asked to enter the password you use to unlock your Mac computer.

In case you ever forget your Apple ID password, Apple allows you to create a password recovery Key which you can keep in a safe place just in case you ever forget your password.

Reset your Apple ID password

Generate an Apple ID password reset Key

To use a generate a recovery key on your iOS device simply go to the the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and select your name. Then select the “Password & Security” section where you may be asked to enter your Apple ID password. Select the “Recovery Key” option and slide to turn on Recovery Key and enter your passcode for your iOS device. You will then be presented with a recovery key which you will need to write down and store in a safe place. Apple ask you to confirm your recovery key by entering it on the next screen.

If you have generated a recovery key using two-factor authentication and an Apple device, you can then use your recovery key to regain access to your Apple ID.

If you do have a an Apple ID Recovery Key you have already created then the process of recovering your password is easy. You can use your Recovery Key, or a trusted phone number and an Apple device (running iOS 11 or macOS High Sierra or later) to reset your password.

When entering your Recovery Key make sure you enter the full key including upper-case letters and hyphens, for Apple to verify your identity. It is also worth remembering that if you lose your Apple ID and Recovery Key, you could be locked out of your account permanently. For more information on generating a recovery keys are recovering your lost password jump over to the official Apple Support website.

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