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Ring’s New Glass Break Sensor Does Exactly What Its Name Suggests


The sensor uses AI technology to help protect your home.

While Ring is well-known for its popular line of video doorbells, the Amazon-owned company also offers other smart home products including a full-fledged alarm system.

And the Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro is getting even better with a new addition to the system. We’ll take a closer look at the recently announced Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor.

Using AI to Detect Breaking Glass

Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor Table
Image Credit: Ring

A glass break sensor does exactly what you’d expect by the name. Ring’s version uses AI technology to accurately detect the sound of different types of breaking glass and to help reduce false alarms.

With a detection range of 25 feet, you’ll want to place the sensor near the spot you’d like to monitor. It can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, or even furniture. One sensor can also be used to cover multiple windows in one room.

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When breaking glass is detected, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone when away from home.

The sensor can also be set to automatically sound the Ring Alarm siren if triggered.

If you have other Ring products already installed in your home, like video doorbells or cameras, you can set them to automatically record when the glass break sensor is triggered.

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Ring Protect Pro subscribers who are also enrolled in professional monitoring can also request real-time emergency responders when the glass break sensor is tripped. Or to avoid false alarms, Ring can call you first.


Pre-Order the Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor Now

The Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor can be pre-ordered now for $39.99. A two-pack of sensors is $69.99. Items will begin to ship on February 16.

If you currently have a Ring alarm system or are looking to purchase one, the addition of a glass break sensor provides another level of protection to monitor your home security.

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