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Save over 30% on an aroma diffuser that’ll turn heads


Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

TL;DR: As of Feb. 1, the Amoré Paris White Marble Aroma Diffuser is on sale for $67.99 instead of $99 — that’s 32% in savings.

If you’ve ever used one of those plug-in wall scents, you know the smell quickly fades after the first few days of use. Not to mention, the aroma can be quite unnatural smelling. With an aroma diffuser, on the other hand, you can consistently fill your home with fresh, natural scents. 

The Amoré Paris White Marble Aroma Diffuser is on sale for just $67.99 for a limited time. That’s over 30% in savings. Use your leftover bucks to grab yourself a few of your favorite essential oils.

This gorgeous diffuser from Amoré Paris is more than just a diffuser for your favorite scents. It also helps add moisture to dry air, which makes it an exceptional home addition this season. It’ll be your new bedroom staple; if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with a dry or scratchy throat, chances are, you need to add some humidity to your air. With this diffuser, you can improve air quality and wake up with healthier-looking skin in the process. Ideal for a space up to 161 square feet, this diffuser can fill up every inch of your bedroom, living room, or home office with moisture and scent.

The Amoré Paris diffuser features seven different LED light options, so it doubles as a nightlight or ambient light as well. You can change the mood of your room by emitting a different color, or train your brain to get used to a certain color to alert it that’s it time for sleep. You can set it on a timer so it doesn’t stay on the whole night or keep it running consistently as you snooze.

The Amoré Paris Aroma Diffuser is also a head-turner, with a high-grade white marble texture design. It usually retails for $99, but you can grab it on sale for only $67.99 for a limited time — that’s 32% in savings.

Prices subject to change.

Credit: Amore Paris

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