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Sexy gift ideas for couples this Valentine’s Day


Let’s come out and say it: most Valentine’s Day gift guides are just plain boring. 

Sure, we can all appreciate a good bouquet of flowers or piece of jewellery — the heartfelt stuff is nice once in a while. But modern couples want something more intimate. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to give in to those primal urges. And hey, sometimes spicing things up in the bedroom is both much needed and deeply romantic.

We’ve gone deep into the internet to find the sexiest gifts on the market this year, making sure that as many kinks as possible are covered. Whether your boo is into toys, BDSM, or a bit of food play, there’s a gift out there that will satisfy them in every way.

NSFW warning: Before you scroll any further, we’d suggest making sure your screen isn’t visible to bosses, children, or conservative family members. This one is probably best to scroll through when there’s nobody else around.

These are the sexiest Valentine’s Day gifts for 2022.

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